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clever Timmy


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Little Timmy weighs less than 60 lbs. He is the smallest sixth grader at his middle school, possibly the smallest sixth grader period. One day, on spring break, he went to the local beach. Shy, Timmy was resolute to sitting by himself, minding his own business on a sand dune. Unfortunately, being small and alone makes you the perfect target for bullies. Spotted, James the jerk and his troop descend on Timmy. Caught unprepared, Timmy had no where to disappear to. The bully set in calling Timmy names and taunting him. Tired of the taunts, Timmy posed a challenge to James. He told James that if he could lift James further away from the ground than what James could lift Timmy then James and his friends would have to leave him alone for a year. Naturally James, the biggest sixth grader at his school, possibly the biggest sixth grader ever agreed to the deal.

Tim won the challenge. What happened?

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Prime    15

Timmy is much older and thus more physically mature than James.

The key phrase, "one day" means sometime in the future but since we do not know how far in the future 'one day' is, it is perfectly plausible to assume that 'one day' occurred many years later and thus Timmy is now a young college student sitting by himself on a dune when three butt head 8th graders come over to bother him.

The grammar in the OP contradicts that solution.

Then again, what do I know. English is not my native language.

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