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2 Part Cipher + Word Riddle


The following is encoded twice using two different ciphers. The first is a common cipher, the second is a bit harder. Once decoded, you will have to solve the actual riddle!

rkh yhlhjuhjweqj  lqig hg  lqigklh  eqjg hqwhyuhr hj zo puhir puh k hlqq vwhejqljr lgh k q vwhejqljr q whpgo vqwl hlqq lghr q  jiu oh ph hjllkhq powhlkhq h  glrqjlpoug

Note: I removed punctuation and new lines for the purpose of encoding the cipher. It's still readable with out it, but I for newlines I put an extra space.

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Wait. Sorry, I made a mistake. The more complicated cipher is the outer layer, the easy one is the inner layer. In other words, the plaintext was encrypted first with a simple cipher, then the more complicated one. So you have to get that one first... Good luck!

The outer cipher is a type of transposition cipher.

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Took me a while to figure out what you meant, but is this the first part...?
rpw kulhhhyilhrq lpqh ul jhgukhh hrjl qwqjeqiq vu jw olhhq epi j hgqh hljgjllrl qlk i g hghqkkplq o hvwew hqhl jekg jhhq q qlh wj gh rlyqruw qhhjrplh g pjoozvuoqg
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