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Over the last several years, the board game industry has boomed with companies like Fantasy Flight re-releasing old games with new art and higher quality pieces, new Euro-style games getting attention in America, game versions being released to play online or on iOS, Kickstarter having an awesome section for board games, and self-publishing of games made thousands of times easier. The release of many co-op games probably helped quite a bit, as well.

Last year, my wife and I (and Hirkala) started a board game group in our local area. We meet once a week and play board games at a coffee shop. Our collection of games has grown considerably over the last year and we've had a lot of fun trying out new games with many different mechanics. The second meeting of every month, we run an RPG session, as well, if anyone there wants to play.

Hopefully this new boom will change the world view on board games (away from Monopoly and the like).

Feel free to answer any of the questions below.

Does anyone here run a board game night or attend one?

What games do you like?

If you don't currently play, do you at least have an interest?

What mechanics do you like in a game? What don't you like?

Our list of games we have and games I'm planning on getting is below. It's actually considerably smaller than some collections I've seen. If you have any suggestions, let me know. I always love looking at new games.

To add/play/try:
Civilization board game
Princes of Amber
Catan Knights and Cities
Knightmare Chess
3 Man Chess
3D Chess
Carcassonne (& many expansions)
Puerto Rico
Innovation & Echoes of the Past expansion
Space Alert
Lords of Waterdeep
Power Grid
Mage Knight
Dominant Species
Risk Legacy
Sentinals of the Multiverse^
Guards! Guards!
Ankh Morpork
Defenders of the Realm
Sky Traders
Napoleon's Triumph
Settlers of Catan (& homemade 7-8 player expansion)
Settlers of Catan Traders and Barbarians
Small World
Nuclear War
Nuclear Proliferation
Betrayal at House on the Hill
Castle Panic
Level 7 Escape
Forbidden Island
Pandemic (& On The Brink Expansion)
Eminent Domain
Scotland Yard
Are You the Traitor?
Pirate Fluxx
Timeline (Inventions)
Munchkin (All Basic expansions)
Munchkin Apocalypse
Munchkin Quest
The Good, The Bad & The Munchkin
Munchkin Bites
Dungeon Lords
Shadows over Camelot
Big Eyes, Small Mouth
Three Kingdoms
The Great Fire of London (+)
Glory of the Three Kingdoms (+)
Dagonlance fifth age
Tank Battle
Axis and Allies
Dread Pirate
Eclipse (& Rise of the Ancients)
Ticket to Ride
Star Wars X-Wing
Merchant of Venus
Android: Netrunner (& Cyber Exodus && Trace Amount)
Amber Diceless
AD&D 2nd Ed
Star Wars
Heroes Against Darkness
(+)Kickstarter--waiting production and shipping

I've also just found Compounded (a chemistry board game) on Kickstarter. It looks worthwhile enough to add to the collection.

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Well there are the more social games, like Apples to Apples and True Colors and the like...

One of my favorite games is BANG!, a kinda mafia-esque card game with it's own set of cards.

There are also a bunch of card games using standard decks of cards that are great, like Presidents and Bridge and whatnot. My favorite is this Chinese game called Finding Friends (which is also kinda mafia-esque...who woulda guessed, right? ;P), I can write up the rules for you if you're interested.

Catch Phrase is pretty fun as well, and my friends have this game called Contact which is a word game that requires no hardware at all (can also write up the rules if you want).

I'm glad you have Dominion...my friends loved that so much they made their own program...and we made our cards lol. There's also dominion.isotropic.org, which is a good site if anyone's interested. I <3 my Bishop strats :D...

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Back when I went to a summer math program toward the end of high school (for bright folks, not a remedial program, despite my preference for word riddles nowadays) I brought Terrace along and it caught on among the group. How it would do among people who aren't the type to end up in a summer math program IDK, but if your group is the type that initially went into what was looking like it would become a chess/go group then it should fly.

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I'll play games occasionally, but I am *really* not good at strategy. (Thinking ahead? No.) The DH, however, has a regular Friday game night while I go have margaritas. (Everyone's happy!)

Here are a couple I noticed were missing that the boys all enjoy -


Galaxy Trucker

Arkham Horror or Mansions of Madness ... they like one & the other eh, unfortunately I don't remember which is which


Some quick games -



San Juan (quick & easy Puerto Rico)

Balloon Cup (2 player)

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