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It's not a problem, it would have been fine had the game not finished unusually fast, and had I checked before I went to bed last night lol

And I am GMT/UTC (If it helps, as I post this, it is around midnight)

The game started at 11pm for me, and I think I checked it at 10 or so, then forgot to check again before going to bed - and then school and work happened the next day :/

Don't worry about it :D

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Minigame III: Fireflies (3v1)
The game is played on a 5x5 grid over 4 turns. The Fireflies (the 3) are trying to light the fire in the fireplace, controlled by Solo. Solo places the fireplace somewhere each turn, and must then announce in the thread either the row or column that the fireplace is in. The fireflies then try to guess where the fireplace is, by pm-ing me a coordinate (Note: for the purpose of this game, row is the first number, column is the second). Two fireflies are needed to light the fire (i.e. 2 fireflies must land on the fire on the same turn). But, the fireplace CANNOT be placed in the same row or column that was announced in any subsequent turns. If the fire isn't lit by the end of the 4 turns, Solo wins. If the fire is lit at any point in the game, the game ends, and the Fireflies win. The Fireflies CANNOT have any sort of strategic discussion, either through PM or on the main thread.
Sorry if this isn't clear, if you have any questions please feel free to ask. Also, if you feel that it is imbalanced for whatever reason, please tell me (maybe the size of the grid or number of turns?). I know that my previous two were too easy.
This game will probably start a bit later, I still have to figure out balancing, and school starts tomorrow, so... yeah. I'll aim for Sept. 11.
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