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Minigame mashup with a twist


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NOTE: Can someone think of a catchy name for this?

Partially inspired by Mao, and also by Running Man. So basically this is how this is going to work:

  • You will play a series of (multiplayer, obviously) minigames. The winner will receive a (pretend) money prize. There will be 3 types of minigames:
    • Free for all (FFA): No teams, everyone is trying to win on their own. Prize: $100
    • Teams (2V2): Two teams of two compete for the prize, split equally between both team members. Prize for each team member: $75
    • Outnumbered (3V1): A single player (referred to as Solo), with a different role from the others, tries to achieve his own objective, while the other three players try to prevent him from doing so. Prize for Solo: $200; Prize for the others: $50
  • Example minigames:
But there's a twist (whaddaya know...): One of the teams (1-person teams in FFA or 3V1 can be considered as teams) or one player will have a secret objective, and if they complete the objective, they get an extra $200! But if anyone else finds out what their objective is, then the $200 goes to that person. If no one guesses the objective and it isn't completed by the person, then no one gets bonus money. This is supposed to be the main point of the game. Example objectives: (2V2) Code Caper: Include the phrase [weird phrase, like "funky monkey"] in a guess. (3V1) Aphasia: Your must guess the word/phrase on your last guess. The person with the most money at the end of 8 rounds wins. (Maybe more or less than 8, what do you think?)

Who's in?





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Congrats on 1000 posts! :thumbsup:

For some reason I can't edit that post. Anyways, I've decided to change it to 12 minigames instead of 8: 4 of each type.

Also, the 3v1 type was inspired from Mario Party...

you probably passed the editing deadline, 10 minutes. You can only post pass that if you are either a mod or a VIP which you become after posting a lot of quality posts.

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Hooray! We only need 4 players, so let's begin!

Host: Marksmanjay

1. Flamebirde
2. Slick
3. Kikacat123
4. Panther

Minigame I: Locked Doors

Each person has a (virtual) door that they need to unlock. They are locked with 4-digit combination locks. The combinations are scattered around the Brainden forums. The person who's door they unlock is not stated. Each person knows the location of 1 combination that is not their own, but not who it belongs to. The first person to 'enter' the correct combination of their door (through PM) wins $100. BTSC (Behind-the-Scenes Contact) is allowed, but please invite me to them :). The PMs will be sent out shortly following this post. Good luck and Have fun!

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The game has concluded! But I have a small problem.

Kikacat and Slick both found all 4 combos. According to the time that their PMs were sent, Kikacat found them after Slick. The problem is, Kikacat gave the list of all 4 to me, but Slick gave them one at a time, and only was able to give 1 before the game ended.

Since Slick only said that he had all 4, but didn't give me all 4 (at least not before Kikacat), I will declare Kikacat the winner. However, I will take $25 out of Kikacat's winnings and award them to Slick as a consolation. Slick, it's not that I don't trust you, but unfortunately you had no solid proof.

Flamebirde - $0

Slick - $25
Kikacat123 - $75
Panther - $0

Minigame II will start shortly.

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Note to marksmanjay-could you please post the time when each minigame will start? It would be kind of unfair if someone was online at the time and got the instructions immediately, and someone else got it a day later. Please consider. :)

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A few things.

1. Panther is right, it was him, not Slick, that said he had all 4. He gave them to me after I posted that message. Here are the updated standings:

Flamebirde - $0
Slick - $0
Kikacat123 - $75
Panther - $25

2. Kikacat, that is a good idea. All following minigames will start at least 24 hours after the original instructions. Times will be posted.

3. I am having internet issues at the moment, so Minigame II will be delayed until further notice.

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