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Ignore the last sentence of the previous post, it should have been deleted.

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Round 6

Pandemic Game

There will be 3 pandemic rounds, each will last 3 days (72 hours).

At the beginning of each pandemic round, one player will be randomly chosen to be 'infected'. The rest of the players will be 'normal'. After each day (24 hours), it will be announced how many players are infected.

Players may check whether they are 'normal' or 'infected' once every day (24 hours), by posting "Check status" on this game thread. They will be PMed their status as of the time stamp that they posted.

Players may choose to 'contact' each other via this game thread by both posting "Contact with [player name]". This does not have to be done simultaneously but it will not be counted until both players post.

When a normal player contacts another normal player, they will create a vaccine, and become 'normal+1', if they contact another normal player, they become 'normal+2', and so on and so forth. When an infected player contacts a normal player, the normal player becomes infected. If an infected player contacts a player with vaccines, they use up 1 vaccine and become normal. I.e. if player A 'normal+3' contacts with player B 'infected', player A becomes 'infected+2' and player B becomes 'normal'. An infected player with vaccines may use up 1 vaccine to cure themselves and become normal by posting "Activate" on this game thread.

At the end of each pandemic round, the ending status and number of vaccines of each player will be announced.

At the end of all 3 pandemic rounds, the number of vaccines each player created will be totaled. For each vaccine a player has above the mean, they will be awarded 100mil BD$, for each vaccine below, they will incur a debt of 100mil BD$. If the mean is not an integer, partial awards/debts will be allocated, rounding to the nearest mil BD$.

As always, players are free to PM each other (please CC me). The first pandemic round starts now and will end at 9pm CST on Wednesday 7/17.

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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Apologies, one part that was accidentally omitted (added in italics):

When a normal player contacts another normal player, they will create a vaccine, and become 'normal+1', further contacts with the same player in that pandemic round will not produce more vaccines.

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