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I'm not a fisherman

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Nestled perched upon my cliff

On either side the herd doth stream

At wat'ring hole they catch my whiff

The starving beast craves blood supreme

I bear and bare a serpent's fang

Inflicting burn with venom dear

And thus my prey, away it sprang

My fire's roar it's sure to hear

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I'm not a vampire, as it sucks blood rather than envenoming.

Along those lines, I'll also preemptively say I'm not a poisonous snake, since the riddle speaks of a serpent's fang and I wouldn't put the answer in the riddle itself that blatantly. I'm something quite unrelated.

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petrol pump?

Now you're cookin' with gas! Good to see you back, Wilson. A PM to rookie (or maybe a mod) to have a password reset should be able to get you your old account back, if you haven't already sent one. We can't have you just running around with an ampersand whatever that symbol's real name is like that.

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