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A Married Leader and a Single Slave... (A word riddle)


**note: i didn't make this riddle up. I saw it, and i saw the answer and i liked it. :)

A married leader and a single slave
The toothless elder now gone to his grave
The death for which the younger took the blame
Committed by the one he could not name
They've ten between them, ten that do not see
Now name the leader and his enemy.

It's a Harry Potter riddle

This is relevant to the second book.

The basilisk and Aragog (Hagrid's spider)

"Aragog married Mosag and now leads the spiders in the forest. The basilisk lived alone and worked for the heir of Slytherin.
Aragog's still alive, but the basilisk was killed by Harry and lost a tooth in the process.
Aragog was blamed for Myrtle's death and refused to tell Hagrid that it was really the basilisk.
And Aragog has eight eyes, which have gone blind with old age, while the basilisk had two which were pecked out by Fawkes."
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