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Neither of those, sorry.


Sorry to be so long, I had abstracts to review for a meeting that took up all my spare time for a while, then got this flu/sinus infection thing that has been keeping me down.

:( On the upswing I hope though.

In general announcements, if any of you are writing poster/session abstracts for a scientific meeting in the future, for the love of my sanity put in some basic statistics! One little (p<0.05) could make all the difference between me having hair & snatching my head bald.

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I have absolutely no idea, but when I thought of this, it began to make more and more sense (at least to me), so:


First child of mind - God's "firstborn'
Bright light shining, purpose defined - I don't need to explain this
Stories unending, fable of lore - There's a lot of stories and lit about him (like the Bible) but, he's still sort of a fairytale ot most people.
First of many - First of many Christians
Lost no more - What people apparently are when they're converted.

I can't, however rally discern the first line. I mean, I can, but I can' think of why it would be the first line.

Moving on the same wavelength, it could also be Adam.

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