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With the latest forum upgrade to version 3.4.0, if you start a puzzle/riddle thread, you as "thread author" have now the chance to mark one post as "Best Answer".
This has been the most expected feature in my opinion. Puzzle authors can now quickly and easily mark the post which includes the best answer for their puzzle - all by a single click on button "Mark Solved" located in the bottom right hand corner of each post.
If you ever created a puzzle/riddle thread, then give it a try, go into your old thread and select the post which includes the right answer. It will then be shown at the very top - above the 1st post. The thread will also be marked as "Answered".
All this will enable you to:
1. easily distinguish threads which have not been answered yet (they don't have "Answered" label in the thread list) - be the first one to solve them
2. mark the post including solution to your puzzle by single click
3. find solution (preferrably hidden in spoiler) directly above the 1st post including the original puzzle/riddle (so no more reading through the whole thread to find the correct answer)
Submit your own puzzle/riddle in a new thread and give this feature a try.
Enjoy the Den :-)
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