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Win or Lose.......?


In a Men's hockey world cup, seven countries participated. In the league, each country earned points as under:

India - 10 points

Argentina - 10 points

Holland - 8 points

Australia - 6 points

Malaysia - 3 points

Russia - 3 points

Kenya - 2 points

Note: The point system was as under:

For each match won: 2 points

For each match tied: 1 points

For each match lost: 0 points

Following facts are known:

[A] Number of matches won by Holland, are equal to half the number of matches tied by it.

Kenya defeated Russia in a match, in which Russia coud score 2 goals against 3 goals by Kenya.

[C] Australia had not a single match tied against any country.

With the help of above information, can you find the results of all the league matches in this tournament?

Note: There is no typo error this time. However if any clarification needed please ask...!

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Kenya - 1 Win (vs Russia), 5 Losses

Holland - 2 Wins (Kenya and Austrailia), 4 Ties (vs Russia, Malaysia, Argentina, and India)

Austrailia - 3 Wins, 3 Losses

Russia - (1 win, 1 tie) OR (3 ties)

Malaysia - (1 win, 1 tie) OR (3 ties)

India Argentina Holland Austrailia Malaysia Russia Kenya

India - T (Arg) T (Hol) W (Aus) W (Mal) W (Rus) W (Ken) 4W,2T,0L

Argentina T (Ind) - T (Hol) W (Aus) W (Mal) W (Rus) W (Ken) 4W,2T,0L

Holland T (Ind) T (Arg) - W (Aus) T (Mal) T (Rus) W (Ken) 2W,4T,0L

Austrailia L (Ind) L (Arg) L (Hol) - W (Mal) W (Rus) W (Ken) 3W,3L

Malaysia L (Ind) L (Arg) T (Hol) L (Aus) - L (Rus) W (Ken) 1W,1T,4L

Russia L (Ind) L (Arg) T (Hol) L (Aus) W (Mal) - L (Ken) 1W,1T,4L

Kenya L (Ind) L (Arg) L (Hol) L (Aus) L (Mal) W (Rus) - 1W,0T,5L

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Maybe? I got the same answer.

You are perfectly right!!! The answer is undoutably correct.

I don't know why others have not enjoyed it????

Replying late because of some unavoidable circumstances I did not get time.

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Does this silence mean I'm right?

Silence doesn't always mean consent........! But in your case ... yes... the answer is perfectly right!!!!!!

Thank you.

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