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Human existence


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My answer to that would involve the things hidden in Zim's closet (not skeletons ;)) and not be suitable for all audiences :P

I don't understand what you mean by top/bottom, but as for motives and actions, in evolutionary perspectives they are like the proverbial chicken and egg: they explain each other.

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Your answer would indicate how much you stake on believing that there are not innate attitudes that affect our choice to be clothed.

The reason being is that you overlooked a very practical reason why Zim was embarrassed by not being clothed. The clue was that in his dream they were hunting

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No, on the contrary, I think there are innate attitudes that affect everything, but they were not innate to all human beings at the beginning of human existence. I believe there were different attitudes for different people, and the ones that survived did so due to their evolutionary (including from a social perspective) fitness.

Actually my answer indicates that my innate sense of humor is a dominant trait :P.

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No, I can not answer practically, as I do not think the scenario is accurate of the time you seem to be implying. Just as my 'Reenactment' was joking and anachronistic, and hence I would never ask you for a practical interpretation of it, I feel your story is anachronistic and feel trying to interpret it practically would be a pointless exercise.

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The source of the fire has been intentionally left blank as at the time I did not deem the source worth imagining, let alone stating, however here are some ideas

* The fire was completely accidental, it was a miracle that it remained contained

* The fire has been kept burning since the last natural brush fire or lightning strike which puts ZIm in an even more scary situation than his dream.

* They have managed to figure out how to produce their own fire using friction

* Some guy called Flint has managed to figure out how to produce sparks by banging certain rocks together. His former business partner has been suffering from an unrelated concussion.

* A freak lightning storm has fused some sand together and they are using the remaining congealed mass to focus sunlight onto dry tinder. The first guy who tried it managed to burn his foot before figuring it out.

* They borrowed someones matches http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2080050/Now-thats-chim-PAN-zee-Meet-monkey-fry-burgers.html

* They a high level of magical ability

Any way they did it fire would have been pretty necessary for early survival because in climates where the day is warm the night compensates by being that much colder. The only other option they would have to keep warm would be hunting and if Zim really does forget his camouflage gear or insists in talking loudly in Buffy Speak (if he can vocalize at all) while hunting they may be fresh out of luck.

The story was a test to see if anyone could spot the hidden possible practical concerns to see if they really believed that there were no other in-built attitudes in our early history that warranted us wearing clothes .

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After a long day of vampire slaying, Lincoln came home to Marie Antoinette's homemade cake.

What is your practical analysis?

That was just a test to see if you really believe there men and women can be friends

That was a just a test to see if you really believe Marie Antoinette actually made the cake herself

That was a just a test to see if you really believe the cake is real.


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