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More darts at Morty's


Alex, Davie and Jamie each tossed 6 darts last night in a friendly game at Morty's,

and surprisingly, each of them scored exactly 71 points.


Alex's first two shots scored 22 points while Davey got only 3 on his first toss.

Who hit the bull?

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I dont know but it was a shocking throw

Missed the dart board

Missied the side of the barn

Manged to find it's way through the barn door


What followed was another excuse not to build a bar next to a farmyard

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Alex's first two shots scored 22 (20+2) points. Therefore, remaining four shots scored 71-22 = 49 points, so Alex had not hit the bull to score 50 points.

Davie scored 3 points on his first shot, so balance 71-3=68 points had been scored by him on remaining 5 shots. If on one shot he scored 50 points by hitting the bull than 68-50=18 points were scored by him on remaining four shots, which is possible if he scored 10+5+2+1 points on his remaining four shots.

From the figure we get the scored points on all shots by all the three:









From the above it is clear that Alex scored 20+2+ (49 on 4 shots= 25+20+3+1), to get score 71.

Similarly Davie scored 3+50+10+5+2+1, to obtain score 71.

Then Janie scored 25+20+10+10+5+1 to score 71points.

If We assume Jamie to had hit the bull than Davie could not score 3 points on any shot.

Therefore Davie hit the Bull.

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