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Trying to solve this...


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I'm not particularly good at puzzles like this, but some context might help. Is this riddle part of a story? Or one in a series of riddles where the previous riddles or answers might give us an idea of what it's getting at? Or from a website about the game Twister?

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I'm seeing some braille letters, but they are backwards.

Looking only at the browns I'm seeing a left-right mirror of the letters:

W (Is an R without the shift), S, N (has the same shape as a Z but different switching), the final could be K L R O W based upon which colours you use and the shift..

There are two types of 'colour' blindness that may be relevant.

There is a red-green type and a yellow-blue type.

The use of colours and braille both seem to refer to a sort of 'blindness'

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Shinkansen, it strikes me that you are a Bullet in Training. We need you to go faster in answering our questions!

As plasmid asked, what is the context of this puzzle--where did it come from, what else was near it?

Where did this appear?

* in a book?

* was it puzzle number 142, for example?

* was it identified as a puzzle at all?

* on a website?

* in an email/mail to you from an acquaintance?

--a railroad acquaintance?

--a fabric acquaintance?

--a chinoiserie acquaintance?

* a homework assignment?

--what kind of class?

What sort of puzzle?

* geocache puzzle

* kid's magazine puzzle

* MENSA puzzle

Is this the original form of the puzzle?

* I notice the horizontal spacing between the 4th and 5 columns is less than the others, and that between the 8th and 9 is greater than the others. Did you copy this, shinkansen?


* It looks like cloth.

* Was there more cloth?

* Is it repeated?

* was it on the edge of the bolt of cloth?

* did you see it at a fabric store?

We are leaning forward in our seats, flying towards an unseen destination, eager to leave the tunnel! Please shed some light so that we can see the right track, Shinkansen!

Edited by CaptainEd

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I think it is fairly obvious that this guy just wanted an answer and that's it.

He's never coming back.

His only posts were in this thread and a long time ago.

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