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I'm not Robin Hood


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    • by TheChad
    • [url="http://brainden.com/forum/index.php/topic/15311-im-not-robin-hood/#entry324833"]here[/url]


Wealth you've amassed clinging on fast

Spoils your highness has won

Ominous day, harbinger grey

Troops from the North on the run

Route laid awry, hasty am I

Leaving my herald in wake

Arrow in flight level thy might

Shattering visage opaque

Under thy nose laden it goes

Robbing for serf from the rich

Plunder's their gain not without pain

Surely their payback's a bit

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Not any sort of timepiece. Time Out's heading in the right direction, but not there yet. Be sure to pay attention to what the "I" in the riddle is because, well, this is a "what am I" riddle after all.

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The Chad's edit has it; the clues and their meaning are hopefully clear when the answer's in mind.

The first paragraph made me think of my first guess.

After I posted and re-read it the "shattering visage opaque" made it clear to me.

My favourite though (reading after you revealed the answer) is this line:

"Robbing for serf from the rich"

Very sneaky if it means what I think it does.

Good Riddle.

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