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I betcha that I go down first. Since both Panther and gvg took position to threaten my planets. If it was just Panther I might have a chance to hold him off long enough fo the two of you to build strength but gvg wants to play too.

I hope you enjoy watching me go down in flames....flame.

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name: rambo: first blood!

how it was acquired: conquered first enemy planet.

awarded to: curr3nt

points: +1


name: running on idle.

how it was acquired: spent an entire turn without attacking.

awarded to: gvg

points: +1

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name: gang bang.

awarded to: curr3nt

how it was acquired: attacked by two or more players after the same planet.

points awarded: +2

name: splash DAMAGE!

awarded to: curr3nt, panther

how it was acquired: attack 3 or more planets from the same planet.

points awarded: +2

name: fleet beacon

awarded to: curr3nt, gvg, flamebirde

how it was acquired: a total of 25 ships from the end of the previous turn to before production of next.

points awarded: +3

name: rambo, first blood!

awarded to: panther

how it was acquired: conquered first enemy world.

points awarded: +1

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Thanks for the game :)

On a side note, does anyone play/want to play weewar? Just discovered it yesterday, and it reminded me of this game :D Lemme know if anyone's interested

Edit - if you don't know what weewar is, google is your friend :)

Edited by Panther
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its not a bad idea flame, but the opening you need as many planets as you can get in my opinion.

having 5 planets with 2 ships is more valuable than 1 planet with 10 ships.

looks like gvg had the same idea as you.

here's the 10 unclaimed achievements.

name: base trading with me.

how to acquire: successfully attack a world with your opponent successfully attacking the world you attacked from.

points: +3

name: all your base are belong to us!

how to acquire: completely eliminate a player from the field.

points: +2

name: ship production, online.

how to acquire: control 25 worlds or more.

points: +2

name: ninja like moves.

how to acquire: capture a world by attacking as your opponent moves off to attack someone else.

points: +3

name: the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.

how to acquire: capture a world defended by 20 or more ships.

points: +2

name: my preesssiooussss!

how to acquire: successfully defend a world against 3 separate assaults.

points: +3

name: cry havoc! and let slip the dogs of war!

how to acquire: attack all three other players on the same turn.

points: +2

name: no-mans land

how to acquire: capture all 4 center squares, and hold on to them for at least 2 turns.

points: +4

name: last ditch efforts

how to acquire: with 4 or fewer planets, capture 3 or more worlds on the same turn.

points: +2

name: Kamakazii

how to acquire: being the player with the fewest ships, attack the strongest player with all remaining ships.

points: +2

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