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A great game I thought I'd revive. I don't know what number they got to before the Great Fall, so in true Mathgirl fashion, I'm denoting this (n+1) ;P.

For those who've never played. It's a game where one player starts by posting a picture, the next player posts a caption for that picture, the next player posts a picture for that caption, caption, picture, caption, picture, etc...

Please post the captions/pictures in spoilers. You are not allowed to look in the spoilers until your turn. On your turn, look in the spoiler of the person before you only and see their picture/caption and then come up with a caption/picture you think fits. After you have posted, you can go back and see the development :D.

Pictures can be drawn or made with editing software. I like Gimp, and it's free ;). Captions should be a phrase or two and not a description of the picture. I.e., if the picture is, say, a cat pawing at an UFO, don't caption it "cat pawing at an UFO", instead you could use something like, for example: "Someone should have told Mr. Whiskers that the saucer didn't contain milk."

Anyways, sign up below. We'll start, say Friday. Let's say odd numbers are pictures and evens are captions.

1) Y-san






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Does the pic have to be digitally produced, or can it be handdrawn, or what? What are the rules?

Sign me up for slot 7. XD

Anything works, as long as it's at least semi-original (i.e no taking a picture straight off the internet and using it as your picture...taking parts of pictures and combining them is great though :D)

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Alright, I guess it's Friday somewhere...

Remember, NO PEAKING INSIDE THE SPOILERS!!! On your turn, look in the spoiler for the caption/picture above you only. You can check out the rest after you post :D


Conversely, if you have comments about pictures/captions, put them inside spoilers so that other people who shouldn't see them don't. ;)

Okay, this isn't really a spoiler, but just demonstrating...

...this is kind of a taste of what's it's like inside of my head ;P

1) Y-san

2) MikeD

3) curr3nt

4) Molly

5) plainglazed

6) Aaryan

7) Miki

8) Panther



Also, latecomers can join, as long as the last person on the list hasn't posted yet. Latecomers must sign up as the next available number (i.e. no skipping for an even/odd number).

Edit: Editing link of post into actual post...oh my, causality...

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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