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BD log in problems?

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I've had problems logging in which started about 2 weeks ago: whenever I tried to log in, I was told that I was already logged in at address 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx'. When I tracked down 'xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx' and went to go into BD, it automatically logged me in (without my entering any details!) but wouldn't let me log out. I initially put this down to a problem with the local server, and after bending the ear of the local tech support, between us we managed to free my id (but it took quite a while).

However, I just looked at the 'record logged in' of 633 on July 20th and wondered if there was a problem with BD itself holding on to users? That's just a few days after I started having problems.

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I could not replicate the issue. Pls send me a PM when it happens again and I will report the issue to the forum helpdesk.

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