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The Chromatic Witch, Ep 2: The Power of Green



Gritting her teeth tightly, the girl pushed herself up off the ground. Sweat beaded near her temples and dripped down the side of her face and off her nose onto the linoleum below. Ninety-nine, she counted, then took a deep breath and lowered herself back down.

Her arms trembled with the exertion as she pushed up once again. There came a knock at the door. The girl allowed herself to collapse onto the floor. “Come in,” she said, catching her breath.

A lean, clean-cut young man with dark brown entered, carrying a tray. When he saw her, he frowned. “Shouldn’t you be resting?”

The girl shook her head. “I must be strong.” Her tone was tired, but steadied by conviction. “Besides, this might be my last chance to...” Her voice trailed off as a sad look came into her eyes.

The young man bit his lip. “You know,” he began after a moment, “you don’t have to go through with this. It’s not too late...”

The girl shook her head resolutely. “No, I have to do this.”

“Your family hasn’t cashed the check yet, you can still back out and simply return the money...”

“That’s not what...I mean...” The girl let out a long sigh. “I have to this, because I have to do this. This is who I am, who I want to be, who I can finally choose to be. This is my opportunity to truly be me, my only opportunity. There is nothing for me here, but there...”

The young man looked as if he wanted to say more, but he seemed to struggle inside. Finally, his shoulders fell and he capitulated. “Alright, I’ll leave you to it then.” He set the tray down on a nearby table. “You should eat it before it gets cold.”

The Chromatic Witch


The Power of Green

“In brightest day, in blackest night,

No evil shall escape my sight

Let those who worship evil's might,

Beware my power, Green Lantern's light!!!”

The Green Lantern Oath

Warmed by the effusive sunlight streaming in through his window, Orin yawned and pulled himself out of his bed. Through his mind flitted fragments of last night’s dreams, memories of picnics at the park, splashing in the lake, and playing with his dog spot, who had met such an unfortunate end, and other scenes which were already beginning to fade.

As he yawned off the last remnants of drowsiness, an envelope icon popped up in his field of vision. “You have one new message. Read?” an automated voice asked.

“Yes,” he replied, and words began scrawling themselves in his view:

The Green Gateway has been found. All agents please be ready to depart by 0800 hours. Meet in the hangar.

Orin couldn’t keep the boyish grin off his face. The hanger...that means we’re taking the...


The blades of grass cowered, oppressed by the streamlines around the landing jet. Its sleek obsidian-hued surface gleamed cooly under the hot sun. After its elegant contours finally slid to a stop, the hatch door on its side lowered, allowing the energetic agents to exit.

They shuffled out, greeting the scene with huge grins plastered upon their faces. To one side stood a forest whose luxurious green foliage shimmered in the bright sun. On the other side was a green sea of grass as far as the eye could see.

“According to the readings, we’re at the Gateway.” Wraith commented, his brows furrowed.

The agents exchanged perplexed looks. “But there’s nothing here but nature...”

All you need is nature and will,” an unfamiliar voice said. All the agents turned abruptly towards it.

A handsome dark haired young man in a fitted black and green costume stood in front of them, surveying them with marked interest.

“Kyle Rayner, I expected as much,” Father’s voice murmured over the neuro-link.

“Are you an agent of the Chromatic Witch?” Orin asked, his hand inching towards his phaser.

The young man smiled. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” As he spoke, he held up a fist towards them, from which a green beam of light shot out, expanding as it approached. It surrounded the group and formed into a translucent green box.

In the middle of one side of the box were some transcribed some characters:


In the middle of the opposite side was an image:


Wraith put his hand up to the translucent green wall and felt its resistance. “Looks like we’re going to have to figure out how to get out of here.”

The young man smiled and nodded. “If you do, I’ll be waiting.” Then he turned and disappeared into the forest.

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The six dark heads turned simultaneously and twelve glowing green eyes glowered at the diminutive form. “Where...did that come from?” the voices echoed.

Orin frowned. What did they mean? His own gaze trained on the jocund helper. If he was not their creature, then...

Something was attempting to surface in his memory. Something he had seen as a child...a television show...with children trying to solve puzzles...and a rainbow...

After conferring with his capable team, Captain Wraith stepped forward confidently. “Time for this charade to cease. We know who you are...we know which you are...Witch.”

“Green is the color of will and energy,” one agent recited, stepping up behind the captain.

“These clones are created of energy, channeled by will,” said another.

“The real Witch is the the one who controls the chaos...” a third agent chimed in. Then, all said turned in conjunction to one of the figures and spoke in chorus, “...you.”

The Chromatic Witch smiled and waved his green gloved hand and the other five figures vanished. “Not bad...I can see this version has significant improvements...” he shrugged. “But still...just because you can find me doesn’t mean you can defeat me.”

He swept up his arms to the sides, palms upward, and abruptly their surroundings vanished and all around them was a screen of green.

The Witch clapped his hands together and their surroundings turned into a desert canyon. There was a rumbling, and rocks began to precipitate from the jagged cliffs.

The agents scrambled, dodging the barrage of boulders. Their enemy laughed and clapped his hands again.

The dust and debris disappeared, to be replaced by darkness, mud, and roaring rain. Suddenly there was lightning, closely followed by thunder, and then the rain turned to sleet that pelted the freezing agents.

“You cannot win,” the Witch declared. “This is my gateway. Everything is as I will it to be.”

“Not...everything,” spoke Orin slowly through shivering teeth as it came to him. Along A Rainbow, the show had been called, and there had been a helper, a guide to the children...Hucky the Hinter...

The Chromatic Witch stopped and studied him. Orin clenched his hands into fists, fighting the cold.

“The leprechaun...it...it came from me, from my imagination...from my will.” A fire ignited in Orin’s eyes. “If green is the power of will, then...then we use it too!”

The Witch’s lips pursed pensively, then curved into a bemused smile. He clapped his hands once more and the surroundings turned back to green. “Let’s see about that...”



Kyle Rayner, Green Lantern


Agents, you must channel the energy of your will to form objects to complete the obstacles that are set before you.

Each player may only maintain one object at a time. Objects that commonly come as a set count as one object only if it is utilized as a set (i.e. you cannot use part of a set of colored pencils to draw a diagram and another part to use as kindling).

Objects must be less than 100m in all dimensions, in the state they are used in (i.e. a 300m coil of rope might be less than 100m in all dimensions, but if you use it when it’s fully stretched out, it counts as 300m).

Objects formed must be easily describable with a word or two (i.e. no conjuring complex contraptions constructed to complete the particular task).

You may not create intelligent beings (scientists, superheroes, aliens, etc). You may create animate objects, but you cannot direct, or ‘program’ them. (No animals trained to accomplish your particular task, no programmed robots, etc). However, creatures will be assumed to react to stimuli in the appropriate fashion (a dog will run after/to a steak).

No motorized vehicles (including air, sea, etc). Your interactions with objects are limited to what any average person can do (no specialized training).

There is no one right answer here, tasks will be deemed completed as long as they follow the rules and the spirit of the game (i.e. trying to exploit loopholes in the rules is not acceptable, but combining and using objects in creative and unexpected ways is great ^_^).

Last but not least, this is a team effort, feel free to discuss and coordinate with your teammates. And have fun!


Feels good to be back in the puzzle-pushing saddle ^_^

(Note: If you've ever played Scribblenauts, it's a similar setup ;))

The last puzzle was not completely solved, and there are some hints in the post to allow players to work on finishing it up while I finish constructing the Boss Battle scenarios. Also feel free to ask questions.

Good luck!

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Supplementary rules:

The laws of physics/chemistry/etc. must be obeyed.

Objects that are not known to be physically viable (i.e. hoverboards, jet packs, etc) are not allowed.

Levels must be passed in a reasonable amount of time (in terms of the game).

Please put the objects in green, and if using an object in conjunction with an object(s) from another player or players, please quote or copy and paste and cite the player(s).


Orin furrowed his brows in deep focus. In his hand a small ball of green energy appeared, and then began to grow and elongate until it achieved the form of a spear. He drew his arm back and prepared to launch the missive.

"Not so fast." The Green Witch raised a hand and a sudden burst of translucent green energy flooded towards the agents. As it approached, rolling like a wave, it turned opaque, with globules of different colors interspersed throughout. It gained momentum, coming upon the agents like a tsunami.

The agents closed their eyes, but there was no impact, but instead a sing-song voice quietly chanted: "...went up the hill to fetch a pail of water..." The agents opened their eyes saw the world had been painted around them:

(Not drawn to scale)


Task: Make the Flower of Destiny bloom with water from the Well of Life.

Notes: No harm must come to the Flower of Destiny. It will require at least 1 L of water to make the flower bloom. The icy slope is too slick to climb as is. The mountains are constructed of a hard rock that is impossible to tunnel through in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. before the Witch gets bored and kills everyone ;P).

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Giant Motor was found!

Aaryan put the Giant Motor into the KEY pocket.

A simple motor; anyone is capable of building, but on a magnificent scale of 100m.

So that we can work it like a blender, and soften up the ice to make it snow. Probably make it easier to traverse. If this is too mechanical, I wish up a giant blender blade and hope that others put together the motor part (e.g electromagnet, coil of wire, etc.)

Edited by Aaryan
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Facing the freezing winds, one agent bravely summoned up a pair of pickaxes and scaled the icy mountain side alone.

Another, who had been considering his course of action, summoned up a giant motor to soften up the ice into snow so that the entire team could make it up the hill. They would be needing the team for the next tasks, he knew that much. But the slope was steep, and he, being a man, not a super-man, could not push the motor up the hill by himself. He needed something else. He needed help from his fellow agents.

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>>Go up the slope.

>>Create Thin steel cable, 500 m.

>>Create Harpoon gun.

>>Combine Thin steel cable + Harpoon.

>>Shoot Harpoon into the ground near the Well of Life.

EDIT: missed an item to color.

Doesn't work, rope needs to be less than 100m. Also, one item at a time.

Edited by Aaryan
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>>Go up the slope.

>>Create Thin steel cable, 500 m.

>>Create Harpoon gun.

>>Combine Thin steel cable + Harpoon.

>>Shoot Harpoon into the ground near the Well of Life.

EDIT: missed an item to color.

Doesn't work, rope needs to be less than 100m. Also, one item at a time.

:facepalm: woops....

>>Create Harpoon gun

and then creating multiple ropes and combining them in a set of steps might work...

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Panting heavily from the exertion of climbing up the long slope, Agent Flamebirde glanced back at his companions, where were attempting to push a heavy motor up a hill. Agent ShadowAngel had come up with a clever idea, but before she and Agent Aaryan could work out how to implement it, an idea came to Flamebirde. He held out his picks and let them dematerialize back into energy, and he used that energy to construct a Giant Motor that mirrored Agent Aaryan's. Then, utilizing gravity and the slickness of the slope itself, he was easily able to turn up the ice and make the hill traverseable, albeit with care.


Great ideas, all! You can still work on the electric motor idea, if you wish, but you have sufficed to get past the first part! :)

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Agent flamebirde glided smoothly to the Well of Life with the aid of a high-end hanglider.

Agent Vistapb joined him (with his own hanglider?) and came up with a very and fun clever idea. He summoned up a giant water gun and attempted to shoot the water at the flower (?). However, after doing some research via neurolink, the agents discovered that a water gun with the capacity to shoot a stream 400 ft high and 200 ft horizontally had not been known to be physically viable. Perhaps they could construct their own? Or use it in a different manner?

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