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By An Utter Nuisance (literary litter à la Shakeepuddn)



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Ah, you're kind to keep coming back, DD. Had just about forgotten this one. It's pretty poor am afraid; totally cryptic vs descriptive. The "By An Utter Nuisance" refers to the author of the answer. Too busy as of late and was just trying to get something posted since it has been so slow. Found some links.

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Can someone elaborate?

I can try

Seek: Classic Novel Title? - (by an American Author)

Mark That pit has a permit to rent, she claimed.

Mark = Scar

Permit = Let

How "to rent, she claimed" = letter / let her is beyond me for now, but I'm sure it'll click soon.

Hint: Read Aloud (A cryptic-esque hint that the spellings and word breakings may be different, but they sound similar if read aloud)

I'm sure PG or DD can shed a bit more light.

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ughh - was afraid someone might ask (jk)

Mo Ma got most of it but here goes:

Mark That pit has a permit to rent, she claimed.

Mark or That (another word for) pit = scar

a (nother word for) permit = let

to rent = let

she claimed = her

and the Hint - Read Aloud = Red A with "loud" being an indicator for a phonetic clue as is common in cryptics

and the title is quite obscure (as opposed to the rest - pshaw) an (other word for) utter might be haw and nuiscance --> thorn -- yikes, i know - sorry

just wait until we get into psykomakia's...

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