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The Chromatic Witch, Ep 1: The Gate of Blue Heaven



Outside the Box Studios Presents...

A Y-san Puzzleduction...

(Based on the short story The Chromatic Witch that Y-san's real life alter ego was too lazy to actually write...)

The Chromatic Witch

To WoS/WoD for introducing the puzzle/adventure game format, many thanks. Xie xie


To all the shows/animes I've watched, books I've read, games I've played that inspired my subconscious to have the dream this is based on, arigatou.

To my laziness for not writing that dream turned story idea into a short story for over a year, so that it was readily available for transcribing into this format...;P

And to all who will follow this series and give it life, thank you :).

The room was almost completely dark. Around the periphery of the room, the girl could barely make out the outlines of pieces of equipment, stands where pieces of equipment should have been, lab benches with varying degrees of dust cover, drawers brimming with supplies, and cabinets littered with specimen jars that were labeled in a weary hand.

“Are you ready?” asked a voice, muffled by the presence of a light turquoise surgical mask. The man it belonged to, donning the matching attire, adjusted the fluorescent stand light next to him. Then he turned and selected a scalpel and surgical drill from the trolley of tools sitting next to him.

It could have been his imagination, but he thought that, for just a brief moment, he caught a slight wince in the corner of the girl’s eye when her gaze fell upon the drill. But he blinked, and it was gone.

Reclining back onto the vinyl back of the surgical chair, the girl closed her eyes.

“Do it.”


Welcome to Sector Lambda

Our world is in grave peril. The most nefarious, most maleficent, most devious Chromatic Witch seeks to destroy it through her malevolent tricks and heinous devices.

The Chromatic Witch draws her vile power from her seven Gateways. Each Gateway has the property of being a different color, and each color grants the Chromatic Witch different powers.

Hence, we have gathered you, the best and the brightest agents, here, under the skillful supervision of the most capable and fair Father to form an elite team in the world’s defense.

You and your fellow agents will have to venture into the territory of these Gateways and destroy them, one-by-one, to remove her hold on this world and vanquish her.

There are a few things you must know, though, before you can attend the task at hand.

1. Do not question the word of Father. He is here for your guidance and protection. Father knows best, and has your best interests at heart. Normal human beings such as you and I cannot hope to understand the depth of Father’s knowledge and comprehension.

2. Do not question the above, ever.

3. Some of the challenges the Chromatic Witch will pose will require special knowledge, which should be readily available through the neuro-link to the vast information network implanted into your minds. If your neuro-link is malfunctioning, please contact the BioIT department at SectorLambdaBioIT@gmail.com for help.

4. Some of the challenges the Chromatic Witch will pose may have more than one possible solution. If you discover multiple solutions, then take pride in your savvy as an agent. However, you will have to face the Chromatic Witch in her own domain, and to defeat her power over the domain, you must find the solution to what she has set as the key to her devices and abilities.

5. Some agents will be more readily adapted to certain tasks or easily identify the knowledge needed for certain challenges than others. After all, no man may have complete knowledge, no man except Father, that is, but he is no mere man. Therefore, to be the most effective, you must function as a team and build on each others' strengths. Remember, this is not about you as an individual, this is about protecting our world.

6. Do not question any of the above. It just may cost you or your team their lives.


Led by a tall, gangly man with scraggly dark hair and close-knit brows, who had introduced himself as “Agent Wraith”, the new agents entered the main operations room of Sector Lambda, burdened by a combination of excitement, anticipation, and anxiousness.

“And this is the main control unit,” Agent Wraith explained, waving his arm towards the an expansive sloped panel covered with back-lit buttons of various shapes and sizes, from which a number of holo-screens protruded. “We use it to coordinate all of our operations in the field. It sends real-time feedback from our agents’ neuro-links, so we can monitor their vitals and receive any information they attain, allowing us to guide them as effectively as possible.” He demonstrated by dragging out a sample schematic on the nearest holo-screen, featuring a rotating representation of a head on one half, which zoomed out and displayed the agent’s infrared signature, and with several panels of scrolling data on the other half.

Most of the group emitted the appropriate oohing and aahing sounds. Wraith nodded acceptingly, ignoring the few holding back. Then he turned and went to stand by a panel with four 12 columns of lights, every other column of which was blinking, and contained 1, 4, 3, 2, 5, and 2 lights, respectively. The non-blinking columns contained 5, 6, 4, 7, 7, and 6 lights.

“That ends the orientation. But before you can start your duties, there is a little test we administer to new Agents to make sure they’re up for the trials ahead.” He swept out his arm at a group of Agents sitting nearby.

“Hi, I’m Janine,” said a pretty, freckled girl with short reddish brown hair and glasses. She gave them a warm smile.

“And I’m Orin,” followed a somewhat tall, muscular blonde with clear blue eyes, a strong jaw ,and prominent cheekbones. He gave them a welcoming nod.

“And that is Umi,” Wraith finished, gesturing towards a small, thin, silver-haired girl with pale skin and sharp eyes. “She doesn’t talk much, but she’s a wiz with computational stuff.” The girl blinked at them and then turned back to her work. “One of the agents here is the squad captain. Did you get the memo? Good. Your test, new agents, is to figure out which one. And no random guessing.” He wagged a finger. “Only answers with appropriate reasoning will be accepted. You must demonstrate your prowess before gaining the right to wear a Sector Lambda uniform.”

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Well, this batch was certainly cleverer than the last. But they saw points, not the point. They did understand why a square was better than a rectangle and an equilateral triangle was better than isosceles. They did not see the infinite beauty that was around them.

She smiled to herself. Father had yet to engender a thing that could defeat her.

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the orignal post says

The room they entered now was very round, perhaps even perfectly round, with cornflower blue walls (or perhaps it was better to say ‘wall’). There were no paintings or displays, the wall was a pristine barren blue. The ceiling was a metallic looking dome, and In the center of the room was a round table a shade lighter than the walls on which levitated a large metallic sphere whose surface took on a bluish hue as it reflected the color of the room.

i think we may be in a sphere

also the word reflect has been used alot

and a circles or sphere is denfined by all points equal distances from a fixed center.

i wonder if something happens if we touch the sphere in the center

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(1,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,1,0), (0,1,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,0), (0,0,0), (1,1,1), (1,1,1), (0,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,0), (1,0,0), (0,0,1), (1,1,1), (0,0,0)

The first five groups correspond to the factors of the first hex colour group. The hex colour for cf blue (and i'm rushing) is 6495ED--which is 64 parts Red, 95 parts green, 237 parts blue.

The first five show binary numbers 4, 2, 2, 2, 2. Multiplied together makes 64. Donno how the pattern continues. haven't had much time to work with it yet.

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OK, let me throw my hat in the ring.

Here is what I would try: (1,0,0) (1,0,0) (1,0,0) (0,0,1) (0,0,1) (0,0,1) (0,0,1) (0,0,0) (0,0,0)

Why? Others picked up on the sphere indicating a 3-dimentional answer. I looked at the keys as a direction, instead of a point. When you add them all up, you get a point that is (5,8,4). So the additional keys will bring the point to (8,8,8) – a perfect cube. Additionally, I added two points at the end so that the total number of keys pressed is 25 (5x5), the witch gave us the first 16 (4x4).

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Sorry, been really sick lately. Too feverish to think up a clever way of working the hint into a story, so...

(a square, sitting on it's base) -> (1,1,1)

(a rectangle, sitting on either base) -> (1,1,1)

(isosceles triangle, non-equal angle pointing up) -> (1,0,0)

(ninja star) -> (0,0,1)

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It was a difficult problem, this, which was probably an indication that they were nearing the climax of the gate. Orin pondered this, and what had befell them. All the segments thus far had something in common, he realized. The Witch was hiding behind her pure 'blue' numbers, but in all, the numbers themselves were simply stand-ins for that which the Witch so disdained. Perhaps here, too...

Wraith seemed to have come to the same realization. They shared a glance. "I believe...there should be ten more terms in the series."

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10 more terms means 26, which obviously points to the alphabet. Which makes the Witch likely mechanical/programmed. The sequence still eludes me, though. I figured maybe it referred to the number of letters in sequence for a given phrase (The Gate of Blue Heaven?), but the lack of (1,1,0) and (1,0,1) and (0,1,1) is still a mystery, if that's the case.

I'm going to get BWW... I'll come back to this.

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Now I see it, i think.











A-P are given to us, Q-Z are above.


X = letter is horizontally symmetrical

y = letter is verically symmetrical

z = letter can be rotated and fit on itself perfectly

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After the agents had completed the sequence, the five buttons blinked several times, as if in confirmation. The agents slapped each other and the backs and congratulated themselves. Then the buttons stopped blinking, and their glow began to intensify, growing brighter, brighter, brighter...

The sphere in the center, appearing to soak in the bluish light, began to pulse, and started rising. Suddenly, the agents felt a sharp jolt in the floor as it also started rising.

The dome, which had appeared contiguous, split at eight seams and its pieces opened outward like a metallic blossom welcoming the blue sky into the embrace of its petals.

As the floor, or platform, really, cleared the top of the round room’s wall, it started to spin, slowly at first, but angularly accelerating every moment. Or rather, as it seemed to the agents, the world began spinning around them, like a twister of air and sky and blue.

On the whirling wall of wind, an image appeared. It was the room where they had emerged from the sea of clouds and docked their flying ships. Then, as it had appeared, the image was flung off, compressing into a stream of blue light that , its way towards the metallic sphere. When it touched the silvery surface, it etched into it, patterning itself into a glowing scrawl: 191970

As the numbers settled, a new image rolled onto the walls, that of the corridor with its enigmatic pictures. It too soon spun into a stream of light that circled the room before reaching the sphere: 73

Then, as expected came the room with the doors and the LED’s. It wrote on the sphere: 22-28-16

Lastly, was the final room, the room of infinite symmetry: (0,1,0), (1,1,1), (0,0,0), (0,0,1), (0,0,0), (0,0,0), (1,1,1), (1,0,0), (0,1,0), (0,0,0)

They were still rising and the numbers pulsed upon the smooth surface. The sphere itself seemed to be glowing brighter and abruptly, it too began to spin, at a rate much greater than their surroundings.

The light of the numbers seem to sweep out, forming balls of light that revolved around the sphere. Finally, their orbits seemed to collide simultaneously, and the orbs crashed into each other on the top of the sphere, and a beam of bluish-white light shot up to the heavens.

Turning their faces upward to the glow, the agents sought the beam’s endpoint. They could seem none. Suddenly, the beam fanned out isotropically, bathing the assembly in its blinding intensity.

The agents raised their hands in front of their faces shield their eyes from the luminescence. A few, including Orin, peaked between their finger and saw it...a silhouette, a shadow upon the bluish brightness...approaching.

It appeared it was finally time...to face the Chromatic Witch.


Boss battle time! :D

For this battle, I'm going to need volunteers, so please PM me if you're interested in participating. Anyone can join after the battle has begun, but I need a few players to start out with.

Don't be shy! It is impossible to hurt your team, you can only help it...the more the merrier ;).

When I get a good starting number (like 5-6), or in a few days if I can't get that many :(, I'll start the battle.

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Sorry, MM, the Witch has 9999 Evade ;P

Alright, so far I have 3 volunteers (thank you :D), which is not as many as I would have liked, but it's enough to start, so I'll be starting the battle this evening.

If any one else wants to volunteer, just let me know, and of course, people can join after battle starts. The more people, the faster it'll go...trust me ;).

Edit: And I assume everyone has figured out what the blue numbers in the last post refer to? ^_^

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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The light dimmed enough for the agents to safely see, and they lowered their hands.

Despite his training, Orin gasped. “She is...I mean, I did not expect her to be so...”

“Beautiful.” Wraith finished for him, gawking at the tall, slender woman who stood in front of them with silver-white hair and impossibly blue eyes, her porcelain skin shimmering in the bluish light .

“Selvaria, the Blue Witch,” muttered Father’s knowing voice. Then he continued, louder “That is not her true form. The Witch has many forms, all of which are as much a part of her as her challenges, yet none of which are truly her.”

One eager new agent, first to recover, opportunistically drew his phaser and aimed a shot at the Witch.

She simply held up a smooth hand, around which a translucent shell appeared, deflecting the projectile. Then she closed her eyes.

Wraith frowned. “Looks like we need to coordinate our attacks to get to her. Alright, you two, first...”

Abruptly, the Witch’s eyes flashed open, and she threw her arms to the sides. A disc of blue light exploded outward from the metallic sphere, passing through the agents before they had time to react.

What the c was that? Wraith opened his mouth to exclaim, but no sound came out. He turned to the other agents, but they had all been rendered voiceless as well.

The sphere vibrated, and a pale blue light appeared to bubble to its surface. It popped out into the air and floated upward. It was the number 0.

Then another light bubbled and popped, this one the number 2, then another...and another...and another, more quickly now. Soon they found the air around them suspended with glowing blue numbers.

Maybe...Orin thought, reaching for the nearest number, a 1. He saw a 7 a distance away, and tried touching it, but it was out of his reach.

His eyes met that of Captain Wraith’s and they shared a thought between them. Yes, just maybe...



Selvaria, the Blue Witch




From this point on until I declare the end of the boss battle, NO POSTING OF LETTERS IN THIS THREAD.

You will each shortly be sent a list of key words. To attack the Witch, your teammates must guess your words. You must communicate your words using only the permitted symbols.

Please indicate which word you’re hinting at by placing the number in parenthesis in front of it in front of your hint.

Send your guesses to me via PM. Please include the player’s name and indicator of the word you’re guessing at. You may send multiple guesses in the same PM.

I will try to regularly update damage done, etc, as much as I can, given the constraints of work, life, etc. Be aware that there will be certain “events” that take place at certain HP markers which will change the setup. (If you play RPG’s, you can probably guess what these events are ;))

For now, you are permitted to use:

the digits/numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, comma (,), period (.), and parenthesis (()), and of course, spaces ( )

However, for each of you, one digit/number is out of reach, and you cannot use it. This will be specified in the PM I send you.

Each correct guess is awarded 60/N damage, rounded up, where N is the number of characters, not including spaces, used in the hint.

New players are welcome at any point, either PM me with guesses or with a request to join and I will send you your list of words.

If you have questions, please send them to me via PM, and if I feel there needs to be a clarification in the thread, I will make it.

Good luck! And again, from here on out, NO USE OF LETTERS (except by me ;P).

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Recalling their battle straining, the brave agents mentally engaged their warrior forms.

First, the Champion of Unknown Worlds signaled his attack formation (2). The Hero of Doughty Deeds nodded and together they charged at the Witch. She could not defend from both sides, and they dealt 4 damage to their foe.

Next the Hero of Doughty Deeds signaled attack formation (4). The Knight of Flowers obliged him and another 4 damage was dealt.

Then the Knight of Flowers signaled his special attack (4). The Witch prepared herself for the oncoming duet, but this time, both the Champion of Unknown Worlds and the Hero of Doughty Deeds came at her from the sides, dealing a magnificent 12 damage.

But they weren't done yet, the Champion of Unknown Worlds was preparing for the (1) attack, and the threesome finished the onslaught with a daring 8 damage, for a total of 28, a significant dent in the Witch's HP.

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