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A superlative puzzle?


It's Saturday night, and being a puzzle writer I have no social life. 

So I make a list of a dozen things: 

1. A destroyer of compasses

2. A massive herbivore

3. A peculiar behavior

4. A portrayal, as [if] perfect

5. A student of obfuscation

6. A way for water to disappear

7. An earth scientist

8. Some bilious organs

9. Some cell phones

10. Some foot doctors

11. Some groups of possibly heterogeneous things considered as a whole

12. Some people who study races

I lazily let my pencil wander down through the list, three times,

thus dividing each word into four pieces of lengths 2, 3, 4: 

AG  BL  GE  GR  ID  PT  VA [7]




STS  YSI  ZAT  ZER  [34]


Finally, I notice that if I take the 2nd letter of each word, I get something appropriate for this forum.

What is it?

[The words are nouns of equal length, and singular or plural as the clues indicate.]

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7 answers to this question

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A great riddle!


Perfect. :)

Perhaps presumptuous on my part, but amazingly, that's what fell out.

Seriously? Nah.

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