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Is the world going to end this year?


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I haven't heard much about this since last new year's but it was brought to my attention on this talk show where it was stated that this German scientist had butterfingers and destroyed the only thing that the Mayans said would "save" the world from an apocalypse.

Well, I totally disagree with the fact that the Mayans even said that there was an apocalypse, because all the Mayans did was run out of stone for calenders. However, many people interpreted that as no more calender meant no more life, and here we are today.

So what do you think about all this crap?

Btw, here is a video that I found explaining my point even further :

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lol. I wasn't really serious about that. I don't really know how their calendar works so I have no clue what leap years did to it. The thing I have been wondering about is why we are suddenly taking the Mayan calendar so seriously. Ignore it for nearly two thousand years and. . .


------------------------- :lies:

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