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About now I find it rather suspicious why Yodell has not replied to Thalia.

EDIT: adding votes for Framm and ShadowAngel.

i did answer her...2n post on page 20... u should have paied attention .. ... ;)

edit: typo

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Aaryan was hanging off a ledge, which fell to a fiery death below. He couldn't remember how he had gotten there...some crazy experiment of Y-san's, certainly...but he was hanging.

And somehow, Yodell was hanging besides him.

"Aaryan," Thalia cried from above. "If you push Yodell off, you can use the outcrop to push yourself up to where I can reach you!"

But Aaryan made no move. "No, no thank you. I'll just hang here until my strength goes out...even though I might be useful to my team...whichever it might be..."

"I would like some help!" Yodell interjected.

"Well, what you think has no weight," Thalia stuck her tongue out at him.

And hence, the only logical conclusion was reached for the Day.

PI: Y-san


1. Hirkala - DEAD Killed by KILL

2. Framm 18

3. MikeD - DEAD [KILL, Villager] Lynched

4. EDM :D

5. Flamebirde

6. mew - DEAD Killed by Mafia

7. Panther - DEAD [sAVE, Villager] Lynched

8. Thalia

9. ShadowAngel

10. Aaryan - DEAD [sAVE, Villager] Lynched

11.TheCube :dry: - DEAD Killed by Mafia

12.Yodell - DEAD [iNSTIGATOR] Lynched

13. MiKi - DEAD Killed by KILL

Night 4 starts now, ends 11:59 AM tomorrow!

Edited by Yoruichi-san
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Flamebirde was sitting in the testing center, staring at a set of rings on three pegs on a table. He had 'repeated' the trial so many times, he'd lost count, but Y-san still said it wasn't enough.

Suddenly Framm ducked in. "Sorry, bud, I'm here to make sure you don't go anywhere toNight."

Flamebirde shrugged. "Meh...I wasn't planning on going anywhere anyways. Too...tired..."

Framm smiled affably. "Well, that's good...also...I'm going to kill you."

Flamebirde shrugged again. "Okay."

There was a knock at EDM's door. Tentatively, she opened it a crack. It was Shadow.

"If you're here to take me to another round of Y-san's experiments, please no...anything but that..."

Shadow shook her head. "No, no...I'm just here to kill you."

EDM smiled with relief. "Oh, okay...as long as it's not more experiments..."

PI: Y-san


1. Hirkala - KILL (Villager)

2. Framm 18 - BLOCK (Mafia)

3. MikeD - KILL (Villager)

4. EDM :D - SPY (Villager)

5. Flamebirde - BLOCK (Villager)

6. mew - BLOCK (Villager)

7. Panther - SAVE (Villager)

8. Thalia - SPY (Villager)

9. ShadowAngel - KILL (Mafia)

10. Aaryan - SAVE (Villager)

11.TheCube B)) - SPY (Mafia)

12.Yodell - INSTIGATOR

13. MiKi - SAVE (Mafia)

And here are the Night Actions:

1. Hirkala - KILL (Villager) - no action

2. Framm 18 - BLOCK (Mafia) - self

3. MikeD - KILL (Villager) - no action

4. EDM :D - SPY (Villager) - Flamebirde

5. Flamebirde - BLOCK (Villager) - MikeD

6. mew - BLOCK (Villager) - TheCube

7. Panther - SAVE (Villager) - EDM

8. Thalia - SPY (Villager) - Shadow

9. ShadowAngel - KILL (Mafia) - no action

10. Aaryan - SAVE (Villager) - self

11.TheCube B)) - SPY (Mafia) - Thalia

12.Yodell - INSTIGATOR - Instigate ShadowAngel, no kill

13. MiKi - SAVE (Mafia) - inactive

1. Hirkala - KILL (Villager) - inactive

2. Framm 18 - BLOCK (Mafia) - Hirkala

3. MikeD - KILL (Villager) - Hirkala

4. EDM :D - SPY (Villager) - inactive

5. Flamebirde - BLOCK (Villager) - Yodell

6. mew - BLOCK (Villager) - Flamebirde

7. Panther - SAVE (Villager)

8. Thalia - SPY (Villager) - Mew

9. ShadowAngel - KILL (Mafia) - MiKi

10. Aaryan - SAVE (Villager) - Hirkala

11.TheCube B)) - SPY (Mafia) - Thalia

12.Yodell - INSTIGATOR - Instigate Hirkala, kill TheCube

13. MiKi - SAVE (Mafia) - Framm


1. Hirkala - KILL (Villager) - no action

2. Framm 18 - BLOCK (Mafia) - mew

3. MikeD - KILL (Villager)

4. EDM :D - SPY (Villager) - Thalia

5. Flamebirde - BLOCK (Villager) - mew

6. mew - BLOCK (Villager) - Aaryan

7. Panther - SAVE (Villager)

8. Thalia - SPY (Villager) - Yodell

9. ShadowAngel - KILL (Mafia) - Hirkala

10. Aaryan - SAVE (Villager) - inactive

11.TheCube B)) - SPY (Mafia)

12.Yodell - INSTIGATOR - Instigate Framm, kill mew

13. MiKi - SAVE (Mafia)

Thank you all for playing, it was definitely an interesting experiment :D!

I realized about halfway through that I probably should have made it that either the target of an attempted instigation was informed that they were targeted, or announce which mafia role awakened when they did. The villagers needed a little more information to figure out they were villagers.

Other than that, things worked out better than I expected. The mafia had a lot of ups and downs this game...Yodell was really lucky awakening the mafia KILL on Night 1, but then they ended up killing two of their own on Night 2...then they got Framm on Night 3 and managed to lynch the last remaining save who didn't save himself...

Anyways, congrats to the mafia, good effort to the villagers, and thanks again for playing! I think ShadowAngel has a game in sign-ups, so have fun with that, and MiKi had something in the works? Meanwhile I'll be preparing Dogmafia and/or Gambit Mafia, and I'll post the game setups somewhere for comments/suggestions when they're ready.

And of course, don't forget to check the other parts of this amazing site...there are a lot of fun things to do :D.

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