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All right, the post will be coming up today when I get a chance. Anyone without actions will be frozen. I'm not entirely sure of what that will entail.

1. Should players be able to attack frozen players?

2. Should frozen players still collect coins? (Yes if 1 is Yes, else No)

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That's what she said! Edit: ........ Edit2: ..................

Since I don't know who he or she is, it excludes me too.

So we know they are male or female. That excludes me since I'm a potato.

1. Yes. We shouldn't lose an attack since we do not know who is frozen.

2. No if they HP regen. Yes if no HP regen.

Otherwise someone could go "frozen" and rest up if they are close to death.

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All right--the fairest method I can find, then, is that a player will be marked as Frozen and can be attacked as normal. Additionally, they will regenerate HP as normal, but collect half coins.

In order to maintain balance, a player may opt to not attack anybody on a given day. If a player does so, they will not attack anybody (but can be attacked), will regenerate HP as normal, and collect half coins (as if they hadn't fought anybody anyway).

As busy as I am today, the post probably won't make it up. This change is effective immediately, so feel free to change your target if you want.

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Day 4

ShadowAngel7 - FROZEN

Brainiac100 vs gvg

Brainiac's first swing hits gvg, dealing 4 points of damage (26/30). gvg's counter hits for 3 damage (15/25). Brainiac attacks again and hits for 6 damage (20/30).

TheCube vs ShadowAngel7

Cube attacks and hits Shadow for 7 points of damage (13/20). Shadow counters with a combo: Blocked! 5 damage! 5 damage! (15/25). Cube's second attack misses (13/20).

gvg vs Panther

gvg attacks thrice: 1 damage, miss, 3 damage (19/40). Panther counters: Blocked (20/30)

MikeD vs TheCube

MikeD's first attack is blocked (15/25). Cube's counterattack does 4 damage (16/20). MikeD's final attack does 7 damage (8/25).

curr3nt vs Brainiac

curr3nt's first attack: 2 damage (13/25). Brain counters twice: miss! Blocked! (24/25). Curr3nt's final attack lands hard for 5 damage (8/25).

Panther vs Cube

Panther's attack hits for 1 damage (7/25). Cube counters twice: 6 damage, 4 damage (9/40).

1. Panther (17/40)

2. Cube (12/25)

3. gvg (26/30)

4. MikeD (20/20)

5. Brainiac (13/25)

6. curr3nt (25/25)

7. Shadow (17/20)

Sorry that took so long.. I'll be updating PMs soon.

Edited by Molly Mae
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Day 5

Brainiac vs gvg

Brainiac attacks gvg: 6 damage! (25/35). gvg counters and hits for 2 damage (16/25). Brainiac swings again and hits gvg for 4 damage (21/35).

MikeD vs Cube

MikeD swings twice: 7 damage! 3 damage (7/30). Cube counters: 3 damage (17/20).

gvg vs Cube

gvg attacks Cube, striking him for 3 damage (4/30). Cube counters and hits gvg for 6 damage (15/35). gvg attacks again, hitting Cube for 1 point of damage (3/30).

Cube vs Panther

Cube attacks Panther twice: 6 damage! 4 damage! (12/45). Panther counters, but misses (3/30).

curr3nt vs Brainiac

curr3nt attacks Brainiac: 4 damage (12/25). Brain counters twice: Blocked! 1 damage! (29/30). Curr3nt attacks again: Blocked! (12/25)

Panther vs gvg

Panther attacks: 2 damage (13/35). gvg counters three times: 2 damage! Miss! 1 damage! (9/45). Panther attacks again, but misses (13/35).

1. Panther (18/45)

2. Cube (9/30)

3. gvg (20/35)

4. MikeD (20/20)

5. Brainiac (17/25)

6. curr3nt (30/30)

7. Shadow (20/20)

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Day 6

Brainiac vs gvg

Brainiac swings and strikes gvg for 6 damage (14/35). gvg counters and strikes for 3 damage (14/25). Brainiac attacks again, hitting gvg for another 6 damage (8/35).

MikeD vs Cube

MikeD attacks twice: Defended! 11 damage! (13/30). Cube counters: Blocked! (20/20)

gvg vs Cube

gvg attacks Cube: 4 damage (9/30). Cube attacks, hitting gvg for 4 damage (4/35). gvg attacks again: 4 damage (5/30).

Cube vs gvg

Cube attacks and hits gvg for 3 damage (1/35). gvg counters desperately, hitting Cube for 3 damage (2/30). Cube's last attack is wide and gvg blocks easily. (1/35).

curr3nt vs Brain

curr3nt and Brain face off, but curr is determined to demonstrate real ultimate power. He starts strong, striking Brain for 7 damage (10/25). Brain counters twice, the first a blow that deals 5 damage (25/30), but the second is blocked. curr3nt follows up with a feint and a blow that does another 7 damage (3/25).

Panther vs gvg

Panther attacks, but gvg easily defends (1/35), placing himself in a counterattack position. He swings, follows up with a thrust, and ends with a jab-- 4 damage, 3 damage, blocked (31/50). Panther blocks the last jab, hoping to score one final hit that will end gvg--but it isn't enough to get past gvg's defenses (1/35).

1. Panther (41/50)

2. Cube (8/30)

3. gvg (8/35)

4. MikeD (20/20)

5. Brainiac (8/25)

6. curr3nt (30/30)

7. Shadow (20/20)

Lots of close calls today, but everyone lives on.

Another announcement: When a player with a trophy dies, the name of the trophy will be announced, but the effects of the trophy will remain a mystery.

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Based upon previous attacks... I'd guess a critical hit.

There isn't really a critical hit function, but if someone does a lot of damage, I typically refer to it as a critical hit. So a crit is really just a hit that happens to do a lot of damage.

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I'm surprised I haven't died yet! :help:

Haven't you all heard? You're not supposed to hit girls :lol:

They so mean hitting a girl. I think we need to call their mommies.

(Then again you have taken out two of them.)

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