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Lord of Combat II

Molly Mae

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Day 2

Hirk vs Flamebirde

Day two begins with a mild duel, wherein Hirk swings twice--the first a casual blow that does 2 damage, enough to knock Flame off balance so that a more powerful blow may be delivered--one that does 3 points of damage (10/15). Flame recovers quickly and throws an attack of his own, landing a blow that 3 damage (5/10).

gvg vs Cube

gvg attacks twice! The first is a strong blow that should have knocked Cube down, but he shrugs it off. The second blow comes in hard and does knock him down, dealing 2 points of damage (17/25). Cube's counter strikes low, dealing 3 points of damage (22/25).

Shadow vs Flamebirde

Shadow attacks Flame, bringing her weapon down quickly, doing 3 points of damage (7/15). Flame's counter is swift, but is deflected wide (19/20) by Shadow's own counter which lands true, dealing 3 points of damage (4/15).

Brainiac vs Hirk

Brainiac faces off against Hirk, she draws and attacks, striking Hirk for 3 points of damage (2/10). Hirk counters quickly, striking once, twice: 3 damage, 6 damage (6/15). Brainiac tries to regain the upper hand with a swing that strikes Hirk for 4 damage (0/10). Hirk is defeated.

Flamebirde vs Cube

Flame swings low and high, trying to force Cube to the ground. The first swing is deflected, but the second finds its mark and does 2 damage (20/25). Cube follows with a quick blow that's easily deflected.

MikeD vs Hirk

Hirk is already dead.

curr3nt vs Cube

Curr3nt swings at Cube, giving him no time to react--Cube is struck for 1 point of damage (19/25). Cube counters, but curr3nt knocks the blow to the side (25/25) and swings at Cube's exposed side, dealing 1 point of damage (18/25).

Panther vs Flamebirde

Panther attacks Flamebirde, but starts off sour and unable to hit his mark (4/15). Flame does a double-counter and Panther is unable to block either, taking 4 damage and 4 more damage (24/35). Panther counters the counter, but is again unable to land a blow.

Cube vs Hirkala

Hirk is already dead.

1. Panther (31/35)

2. Cube (23/25)

3. gvg (25/25)

4. MikeD (20/20)

5. Brainiac (9/15)

6. curr3nt (25/25)

7. Flamebirde (7/15)

8. Shadow (20/20)

Send in your stat and who you're attacking. Lemme know if you wanna buy something, too.

I'll be updating our PM threads shortly.

Edit: 1 more trophy was earned today.

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Just to let you all know, I am going away for a few days - I should be able to get on mobile, but i'm not sure (my phone is terrible) so just in case...

Don't know the conversions but it's 6:30am tues here and i'll be back thurs night :D

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Day 3

Shadow vs Flamebirde

Shadow attacks and Flame parries (12/20) and counters, but Shadow parries (20/20) and counters, but Flame parries (12/20).

Brainiac vs Flamebirde

Brainiac attacks and strikes, dealing 3 points of damage (9/20). Flame responds, but misses far to the left (19/20). Brainiac presses the attack with a very lethal blow that gets mostly absorbed, but still deals 3 points of damage (6/20).

gvg vs Flamebirde

gvg attacks, but Flame blocks easily (6/20). Flame attacks, but gvg blocks easily (25/25). gvg attacks again and does 1 point of damage (5/20).

curr3nt vs Brainiac

Curr3nt approaches low and fast, bringing hellfire and fury down in a 4-point damage explosion (15/20) (I'm really running out of stuff here). Brainiac counters with the ol' one-two: the first is easily blocked, but is only a diversion for the real blow which lands for 4 points of damage (21/25). Curr3nt's final attack is blocked (15/20).

MikeD vs gvg

MikeD swings, but gvg blocks (25/25). gvg counters, but misses (20/20). MikeD attacks again, but is blocked (25/25).

Flamebirde vs Brainiac

Flamebirde attacks: 6 damage! (9/20) Brainiac attacks: 5 damage!

Flamebirde is dead.

TheCube vs Curr3nt

Cube attacks: blocked! (21/25) curr3nt's counter: 3 damage (20/25). Cube's attack: 2 damage (19/25).

Panther vs Brainiac

Panther attacks: blocked! (9/20) Brainiac's counters: 5 damage! Miss! 5 damage! Critical hit for 11 damage! (15/40) Panther's last attack: miss! (9/20)

1. Panther (23/40)

2. Cube (25/25)

3. gvg (25/25)

4. MikeD (20/20)

5. Brainiac (13/15)

6. curr3nt (24/25)

7. Shadow (20/20)

Sorry that took so long.

I don't have time to really update PMs today. Send me your stuff. I'll update them tomorrow. You have 4 more coins than the previous day, unless you killed someone.

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Some early announcements about LoC3:

There are several minor adjustments to the sequel of this game which include

1. A larger inventory in the shop

2. More trophies (possibly...it's hard to keep track of the triggering events)

3. More skill points

Some major changes include

1. The introduction of INT as a stat, which will govern Magic Attacks and Magic Defenses

2. The introduction of non-combat spells

2. The introduction of abilities

Maybe more, but probably not. I wanna add a little at a time.

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