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What a Gun - Shot!



Before retiring to bed after dinner, Ajit was as usual relaxing in the balcony of his flat at 2nd floor. His attention was suddenly drawn towards a person walking down in the street. The person suspiciously looked his left and right, and then entered into a house. After two minutes Ajit heard sound of a gun shot. Immediately he rushed inside his bedroom and informed police control room on phone. While calling the police he was facing the mirror in his bedroom in which he was able to see the wall clock fixed on the opposite wall. He noted the time as seen in the mirror image of the wall clock, and also the actual time in the wall clock.

He used to right the time like this: Five past seven - 5.07, 40 past one - 1.40 etc.

Ajit was a Math wizard, so while watching his noted actual time, he noticed that if point was removed from the time, it becomes a number which is a square of a hole number.

When he watched the noted time seen in the mirror image, he noticed that after removing the point from it and then adding 8 to it or substracting 15 from it, the resultant will be the squarees of whole numbers.

Now our task is to find out what was the actual time of Gun - Shot, with the explanation how to arrive at the answer.

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