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Simple mirror puzzle



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I debated as to whether I should write the answer yet, but that's what spoiler boxes are for, right?

So if you don't have a good answer to this question... don't read the spoiler!

[spoiler=Don't read this unless you already know what it says :)]Things on your right, stay on your right. Things on your left, stay on your left. Things above eye level, stay above eye level. Things below eye level, stay below eye level.

So how, since nothing is flipped, is his/her right hand raised when your left is?

Reference frames!

Since the mirror image appears as if it is looking/facing in the opposite direction that you are, its left is your right.

Horror movies have already used this, but wouldn't it be disturbing if the reflection raised its right hand when you raised yours? Or walked to your left when you walked to your right?

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I think up down changes... When you measure that your hands position changes then you think yourself in front of mirror which is your back side then you measures that changes.. When image is formed your left hand image is situate left side of yours and right side image is situated right side of yours. So for upside i.e image of face is formed upside of mirror and and image of leg is formed downside of mirror.........

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In vertical, front-on position, mirrors reverse neither left and right nor top and bottom.

Suppose you are facing North. If you raise your East hand, so does your image.

The same is true if you raise your West hand.

What is reversed by a mirror is front and back: your image faces South.

Put the mirror on the ceiling and (if you remain standing) it reverses (your) top and bottom.

Lie in bed, however, and it again reverses (your) front and back.

In all cases the direction normal to the mirror is reversed.

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