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Acronymity Is Far Harder Than Kindergarten Maths.

Got pist - completely intoxicated (hic) again. Awrighteee

I've - And You've- Got Other Things (to) Play

Bobs Seger and Fischer sat down across from each other, both in deep concentration. After hours of silence, Mr Seger made a move and said,


Awesomness In Fiery Hills Takes Kingly Measures...:)

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Oh...there was supposed to be a link in there...

Had to google it cos never heard it before (He didnt make it that big over here - some minor hits - We've got tonight was his biggest at No 22 in the charts). But, yeah, clever :)

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So Timmy Ingham woke up with a massive hangover but went to work anyway. Only to find there a long queue of people waiting for him. There was Shaggy accusing a Russian woman of killing his dog. Next was the piemaker with three farmers. Behind them was the scientist Ivan Walters holding something in his hand. Then some guy who was managing to sew long-sleeved orange aprons, with a gun to his head, while standing up.

Officer Timmy saw Bobs Seger and Fischer running towards him because there was a bull chasing them. (The bull must have escaped while the farmers were in the queue.)

All that Timmy could say was…


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