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I'm not a renegade pilot


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    • by Potok
    • [url="http://brainden.com/forum/index.php/topic/15089-im-not-a-renegade-pilot/page__st__10#entry316447"]here[/url]


About myself, a fastened belt

The latch is attached in a vice

A plan is hatched, a spin is felt

Ignore it at perilous price

The planes will fly by discs, you know

Thus error might not be incurred

Upon the floor's a steel toe

(A heel is simply absurd!)

The head of state upon my throne

Has nary a hope he could run

Although I may be less well-known

I'm surely the mightier one

With fabled speed I charge ahead

Leave dozens of streamers behind

Should I remain alive or dead?

The latter if strut's malaligned

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Neither a compass, which I don't think is typically known for having anything interpretable as a fastened belt, nor a helicopter, since my typical riddling approach is to write a riddle that seems like it's describing one thing when taken literally and title it "I'm not a -that thing-" (in this case a renegade pilot), while it's actually describing something else when taken figuratively. And a helicopter would be too closely related to a renegade pilot to make for a satisfying riddle answer.

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Although sort of subjective, I'd still consider a race car to be taking things a little too literally as an answer. Not a comet, as I don't think they have steel toes or anything of the like (tho admittedly my astrogeology is nothing to write home about). A watch could fit quite a lot, but I'm not sure about it leaving any streamers in its wake.

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the next idea was

race horse

Of course!

The first stanza refers to reins and the bit in the horse's mouth

The second to horse blinds, and to horseshoes

The third to a saddle (difficult to run while seated on one), and size difference between horse and man

The fourth to a horse's tail, and the traditional therapy for a leg fracture

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