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I can't make any of these fit adequately no matter how hard I try to force a square peg into a round hole, so I'd guess you're neither

making hand shadows, nor grilling hot dogs, nor describing two Frodo Bagginses being simultaneously bitten by gollums at Mt Doom

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Is there a clarification possible ? I simply don't get it. Thanks.

each letter of the answer is described (mostly physically) by each couple of lines of the R i dd l e.

with yours, am often torn between a desire to post an answer and leaving it for others to enjoy/get hooked. always a great challenge and great fun. thanks alot Sir Shakelot!

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Lol, I was puzzling it out, and I got everything except the R. And I was so proud, I almost posted that, and then I realized pg already had it. :blush:

Nice one, shakee. :) You made me feel happy about myself. :P

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