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Enigmatic Rebus



Uh oh, that woman is back...and as enigmatic as ever ;P

Apparently my interest in things tends to be harmonic, and T(brainden) ~ 4 yrs. Oh well, let's hope there's a dampening term this time.

Anyways, here's a new puzzle to start you braindenizens out. "Rebus", in case you are unfamiliar with the term, refers to a word picture that represents a word or phrase. I.e., [GIRL] would be "brown-eyed girl". In case you are unfamiliar with what "enigmatic" refers to, since you don't speak Y-sanese, well...too bad :P. There's a hint in the second paragraph, but you might need to speak math to get it. Hey, it wouldn't be enigmatic if it wasn't, well...enigmatic.

For consistency, let's say numbering goes rows, then columns, i.e. #1 is upper left box, #2 is upper right box, etc. I had a specific word or phrase in mind when I made these, but there are probably more than one solution that works for some of them, so be creative. And most of are, have fun. That is a requirement. ;)

Enigmatic Rebus.doc

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Thin ICe [53,58]

Nice! I just realized I made an error with the original for #17 (it's suppose to be 133), so I'm glad you provided me with an excellent alternative :ph34r: .

#6 Quivering bosom (BOOB - 5,8,8,5) #12 ONLiNe engine ( N, Ge in)


#6 is obviously not the original, but is acceptable (in terms of fitting the puzzle, at least @_@) Your answer to 12 is very good and very close to the original, which is more of a self-descriptor for me. :thumbsup:

I know these are probably really hard, so I may drop a few more hints from time to time. Such as how there may be something fantastic about 2 and 13 ;P.

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