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Enigmatic Rebus



Uh oh, that woman is back...and as enigmatic as ever ;P

Apparently my interest in things tends to be harmonic, and T(brainden) ~ 4 yrs. Oh well, let's hope there's a dampening term this time.

Anyways, here's a new puzzle to start you braindenizens out. "Rebus", in case you are unfamiliar with the term, refers to a word picture that represents a word or phrase. I.e., [GIRL] would be "brown-eyed girl". In case you are unfamiliar with what "enigmatic" refers to, since you don't speak Y-sanese, well...too bad :P. There's a hint in the second paragraph, but you might need to speak math to get it. Hey, it wouldn't be enigmatic if it wasn't, well...enigmatic.

For consistency, let's say numbering goes rows, then columns, i.e. #1 is upper left box, #2 is upper right box, etc. I had a specific word or phrase in mind when I made these, but there are probably more than one solution that works for some of them, so be creative. And most of are, have fun. That is a requirement. ;)

Enigmatic Rebus.doc

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I'm really confused. Can someone explain how you're getting these answers?

Periodic Table of the Elements. For Example, I thought 118 might be water 1=H, 8=O - therefore 118 = H2O. Y-San saying that MoMa was on the scent and the clue about her signature

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Al 4 1 and 1 4Al? All for one and one for all?

Oh, so close...

Rising Uup


But I think most of them require a trick - see Thalia's answer for 9:

Al 4 O + Ne and O + Ne 4 Al

O = 8, Ne = 10. This gives us 18.

We have to add together atomic numbers to make these work.

Spot on for #9 :thumbsup:.

The others are really good answers, but not the original answer. And it brings up some good points about the "rules" I set for myself:

I don't use the Uu_ elements, as they are technically unnamed since they haven't been discovered yet, only theorized. Once they are discover, they will be given a name and symbol, such as the recently discovered Fl and Lv, hence the letters corresponding to those numbers would change, and I'm a fan of consistency. ;)

For this particular format, I do sometimes leave off a letter if I have to and it doesn't affect the way the word sounds too much, such as in Al{l} since there is no element with symbol L, and also will use homophones like {I/eye}, but I generally will not leave off entire syllables like Ru{th}. I'm a completionist in gaming, in life (more or less ;) ), and in riddles.

Also, when there are multiple possible spellings, such as CON or CoN, I will try to use the one with the fewest elements, in this case, CoN.

Periodic Table of the Elements. For Example, I thought 118 might be water 1=H, 8=O - therefore 118 = H2O. Y-San saying that MoMa was on the scent and the clue about her signature

...but generally I avoid listing individual numbers in a line without commas in between, i.e. 1,1,8, otherwise it is blaspemous to my math sensibilities ;P.

Hence, where a normal rebus would have like TISTITCHME as "a stitch in time", with numbers I need some indication of one number inside another number, such as parenthesis *cough*. I tried to demonstrate that with my hint which in itself was somewhat riddle-esque. At home with my family, I speak chinglish, here I guess I speak...uh...engriddle?

Rising SUN [16,92,7]

C'est parfait.

As I try to do these, I seem to come up with loads more of them

Circular MoTiON

Growing FONdEr

CHAlK Outline

Left OVErS


Good to hear from you again 39-san ;P ®

Good to see you too, professor. Lol, maybe you should make the sequel to this thread, then ;P (and I thought it was TM?)

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