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Well, since it seems a lot of people are making one of these, I'll join the party =)

I'm a high schooler from Long Island, New York in the USA. I usually reside in the others section of this forum, though occasionally I do a brainteaser or two.

I'm a fan of history, of politics, of science (especially the biological sciences), American football (Go Cowboys! =)), reading (just finished the Hunger Games series for the second time. Because why not?), and intellectual discussions in general.

I'm quite the nerd (unapologetically of course), I'm Latin (hence the picture of Brazil), and love listening to music (Rise Against being my favorite band (and favorite song being... hmm... I'll go with Tonight We Dance)).

...I think that's all the random info I can think of at 1 am. I'm just glad this is back up and running!

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