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Solving this puzzle will increase your self-esteem



While surfin I came across a Puzzle which described as "Solving this puzzle will increase your self-esteem, boost your confidence, and even make you more attractive to members of Mensa. This is the first logic puzzle personally endorsed by Dr. Phil. (disclaimer: just kidding!)". Apparently this one is composed by Julie Spence (I dont know who she/he is). And I was no near to solve it (well I didn't try that hard) It is very well designed and seems quite difficult and the fact that English not being my native language and I can't discriminate first names from last names, male names from female names making it worse for me. So I decided to share this puzzle and I'm sure someone on Den will come up with solution. Here we go

The New Self-Improvement Committee

The meeting was called to order for the newly formed self-improvement committee by their new chairperson, Judy Holland. As the

meeting progressed, Judy wrote down the seat number and names of the other nine people at the table (two first names were Frank

and Sam). But when the meeting resumed after lunch, everybody sat in a different seat. Though Judy could not match the names to the faces, she did remember that each person had a different color shirt on, so she was able to determine their names after all (two last names were Madson and Smith).

Based upon this information and the clues below, determine where each person originally sat, their first and last name, the color of their shirt, and their new seat. Keep in mind that Judy always sat at the head of the table, with four people on each side of her, and one person at the opposite end of the table.judy.gif

  1. No one has the same first and last initials.
  2. After lunch, no one sat by a person they had sat by before.
  3. Before lunch, no woman sat by another woman.
  4. Before lunch, Shelli sat between Jones and the one in black.
  5. John was dressed in orange.
  6. At one time, Ms. Karnell sat by the one in green.
  7. Before lunch, Judy recalled the one in red sat immediately to her right, and the one in green sat immediately to her left.
  8. After lunch, Judy noticed that James sat immediately to her right, and Mr. Baker sat immediately to her left.
  9. At one time, Snow (who didn't wear green), sat next to Strom.
  10. The one in purple never sat directly across from the one in brown (who wasn't Pam).
  11. Karen (who is not Freeman) never sat by another woman.
  12. Jones was not dressed in red.
  13. Before lunch, Parks sat directly across from Judy.
  14. After lunch, the one in yellow had moved one chair to his right.
  15. Susan (who never sat by the one in green) and Freeman sat directly across from each other both before and after lunch.
  16. After lunch, the one in white was not sitting where the one in black had sat, nor where the one in orange had sat.
  17. Before lunch, Shelli was sitting on the same side of the table as the one in red.
  18. Karen was not wearing blue or brown.
  19. Before lunch, Freeman was sitting next to Brian (who did not wear yellow).
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Some help for you.

First Names (Likely Gender Male/Female)

Frank (M)

Sam (M small chance at F)

Shelli (F)

John (M)

James (M)

Pam (F)

Karen (F)

Susan (F)

Brian (M)

-edit- Judy is a female name

Last Names










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