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What am I? II



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I don't know why, but I want to say


I don't have a logical reason, just a gut feeling.

it's certainly a good answer and it follows the clues I've left well, but it doesn't fit all the lines. the answer is something completely different than anything guessed so far.

I think this one has gone on long enough so here are 2 big hints. I have 1 more hint to reveal if needed, but it will surely end things.

start solving by thinking about lucky things. and perhaps not universally lucky, but lucky to only particular cultures that may not be yours. the cultures that do find it lucky are very large.

it's round ;)

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Put me in front of an infant

Who's just learned how to walk

And they may have trouble getting by

You can find me deep within ice

But you've surely seen me recently

Despite my noticeable lack the past few years

I'm considered lucky

But if I tip over

You may never hear the end of it

What am I?

Hmmm... I want to say

Horseshoe. Mostly because it fits the third one so well (since a horseshoe is only lucky when pointing up).

Either that or a wishing well, but that doesn't fit the third stanza very well.

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The only round lucky things I can think of are dreamcatchers and coins and wells, and none are found deep in ice.

It could be a witch bottle or charm flask - you wouldn't want to tip that over, some are round... I'm not sure.

Finally, a globe is a possibility! Though I don't see where the ice comes in, again.

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