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Well: Here is

The sentences are interesting to me as i look at it. It says we cannot 'see' it. But of course seeing can be physical like seeing whats around me; or mental, like the fact that we can see an answer to this bloody riddle. lol.

The last line is of particular interest because it can hold two meanings. as one though it means that we wont admit that we know what it is. but in two thoughts it means that we know what it is, and we wont admit whatever it is....In this riddle, the second meaning seems more likely right now. But i could be very wrong lol

And here is a couple of

Going off the second meaning of the last sentence leads me to we know what this thing is. however, we wont admit whatever it is. Things we wont admit are being Wrong, or maybe Defeat. You can also be completely covered in those and unable to see it. (unable to see your wrong, unable to see that your beaten). Sometimes they can be all around us yet we will ignore them anyway. (sentence 2).

As an extra guess that i thought of while writing this is Death. Which we often wont admit, can cover us and we wont see it. And can be all around us whlie we ignore it. So those are my three.

I seem to be branching away from everyone else in that so far everyone has listed physical things and objects like air or bugs. Of course.....I'm probably not even close to right myselflol

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