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Too late…



You make an uneventful turn, yet surprising turn of events

You study, try to learn, from the myriad cuts and dents

Another try, another failure, another spiteful hiss

Another time, another place, you'd surely see what's amiss

One simple question solves it, your humor sorely marred

One simple jape confounds it, your ego briefly scarred

The answer oft lies within your hands, in one version or another

The answer oft lies with crowded bands of sisters, cousins, brothers

Open up this riddle's heart, and see what lies inside

Open up this riddler's mind, to see what does reside.....

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@dD :dry: MiKi is NOT a cannibal. She does not eat people unless she has a VERY good reason to. And G4L is not giving her a good reason to. *hmph* :P

If you say so... :backsawayslowly:

Is it

studying for a test of some kind

not that... but I've felt the same way while studying for some of my exams

Could it be a set of keys?

............... that's close enough that I'm gonna let you have it. I think the concept was a little more vague than I intended.

I was sitting at my desk late the other night and saw in my drawer the key to our old office building... which looks exactly like the key to our new building, and it reminded me of a night when we first moved into this office when I was leaving around midnight and trying to lock up and kept grabbing the WRONG KEY... Between the old office and the new office, there were 5 different keys (for various outer and inner doors) that were all the same style/cut... so they all fit in the lock, but only one of them worked

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