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What am I?


I'm always with my brothers

Unless of course I finish last

Or if I am ever needed

For which I'll be ready fast

You can find me lying down

Or sometimes curled up really tight

But if you see me when I'm full

I'll almost surely be a sight!

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a parachute.

very good answer! I actually love it! I don't quite think it works for lines 1 or 2 for this reason:

that parachutes are always found in multiples (but they are mostly found that way so it's very very close)

also it could be the jumper who is the brother and if the parachute finishes last then perhaps it became detached and he fell to his death before it hit the ground. but calling a parachute and the jumper brothers is what makes me hesitate to say this is another answer since when 'brothers' is used in a word riddle it usually implies the same type of thing.

still though it's highly arguable and I have no problem crediting you with an alternate answer. try to find the intended answer if you'd like

here's a hint:

much more common in our daily lives than your answer

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