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Back Aches

Power Couples

Old Legends

Following Form

Rest Stop

Spare Tires

Credit Watch

Talk Smack



For each word of each line above, find synonyms that are anagrams.

For example: Cut Open --> Reduction/Introduce

Scared ya? think these are hard enough as it is so will say that all the answers are five letter words.

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Yup, sure scared me.

Break Brake?

Back Aches ~ Spine Pines?

Power Couples ~ Steam Mates?

Old Legends ~ Stale Tales?

Credit Watch ~ Remit Timer?

ps thanks for sending over the hurricane it's knocking lumps off my roof.

Don't know how you guys can cope with the big ones.

sorry for the scare (kinda) and the weather (truthfully). the last one is real close but all the others are spot on.

Claps Scalp

right on Framm - :duh::thumbsup:

Following Form

Phase Shape

hey hey TC - not what I had in mind. cant quite make a strong enough connection between the first words but could be persuaded.

Remit Timer

well that's pretty much confirmation that this one works but still think there is a slightly better one. dont know what more to say without giving it away. oops.

Stale Tales

yes indeed Cat. well done.

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yeah, Wilson, nah.

thanks for the Update dD. hope that work and study thing eases up.

she's back, too oooo. nice solve t_l. thought this one would be tough as neither of the two clue words give early suggestions to the answer, imo. even had an alternate at the ready.

answering your question first i-s - yes. your first answer doesn't quite work as the second word goes from plural to singular and possessive. your second answer is closer yet...


yes, yippee

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Yes! That's the one, itachi-san.

Nope, you've already used that one, Wilson.

only two left - Spare Tires & Substractors

Back Aches - Spine Pines by Wilson

Power Couples - Steam Mates by Wilson

Old Legends - Stale Tales by Wilson and 'Cat'astrophe

Following Form - Later Alter by itachi-san

Rest Stop - Break Brake by Wilson

Spare Tires

Credit Watch - Merit Timer by dyalDragon with part credit to Wilson & WitchOfDoubt

Talk Smack - State Taste by tiger_lily111

Thunderhead - Claps Scalp by Framm 18


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