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A Moored Riddle



The distant Sun within her nest

Smiling beneath the light

Sits high upon a field of grass

So greening and so bright.

Upon an emerald sea now shines

Her fire in the night

And burns within a golden bowl

All moored as if a kite.


(Note: The answer is very specific and will likely require some investigation once you have an idea of what it could be generally, so general guesses will not be accepted, sorry to say. Example: if the answer were "pepper" I would not accept "spice.")

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WoW! Some REALLY well-thought out/researched answers here. All wrong I'm afraid. I gave it another edit. It's difficult parsing just how many clues one wants to include to keep it "reasonably" solvable without giving it away too easily. I think it's just about right now. Get an idea of what it may be generally, and then researching it will get you to the answer, hopefully.

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Nope. I think many keep overlooking the "moored like a kite" line. That might lead you to the general "thing"

My guess was moored metaphorically.

Now I'll guess

A hot air balloon or a zeppelin

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now u see this mayyyyyy be because

it's christmas... may be... most probably... and most prob wrong


i was thinkingg what could be the sea of green...so i was like feilds.. tree... christmas tree... CHRISTMAS TREE STAR...yh.... that's how it went just felt like getting it out :P

Edited by guppy
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