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Scythe Blade



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We have a correct answer!

But first, let me offer one last audio clue. And if you haven't gotten it yet, I recommend looking at the clues to other players I posted on page 2 of this thread before you give up:

It seems that breaking up heart, soul, and mind is hard to do:

Lots of good guesses - Prof. Templeton was on the right track - but the correct answer goes to The2ndShepherd, with a triumphant first post!

a comma

For those who are still uncertain, here's a quick gloss on the riddle:

Scythe Blade (,)

I abide with the dear and departed above, (In one of my clues, I hinted that there'd be "letter play" involved, and how does one start a letter?)

At the start of a breath, (In a long sentence, that's where a comma comes.)

...and the closing of love. ("Closing" was more than an awkward synonym for "end." It referred to the closing of a letter.)

I've the power to separate heart, soul, and mind -- (This was the giveaway line, if any.)

Beware! As you meet me, Death follows behind! (See where the comma falls in that line?)

Thanks to everyone who tried it!

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