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Here's The Catch...


former jerk

level measure

Mediterranean fair

slow freeze

forward women

fruit slice

Asian bow

punch clock

total mass

beyond weary

purchase order

utter crap

Think this one might be quite the challenge. Similar to some others from before and picking up where left off...kinda

EDIT: added italics

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past the limit? Sigh...i just noticed the whole "the" in the middle.

ah, the the thing. also note the italicized wordclues are the ones that have the catch (so to speak)

Sorry for double post, but thought came to me after.

Buy the weigh

fits with the structure but cant quite make the connection between weigh and order so gonna have to go with no.

& back @ Thalia - now its me who forgot about that italics thing so regrettably must retract your last offering for purchase order as an alternative - sorry but clever nuntheless...

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Y'all (that's southern for yous guys) are definitely half right so far.

Perhaps some expensive (only as opposed to free) association looking at it in conjuction with Mr Dumler's response would help.

Edited by plainglazed
modified hint
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Time for an alternate clue for purchase order before this one grows too stale. Already have (yet another shameless plug) that went by the wayside.

Let's try later still.

This clue by itself would be pretty unfair but considering where we're at with the first clue as well as the two hints (one announced and now modified) think it's okay.

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yes sir, thanks DD. glad you staid the coarse...

former jerk - past the buck - by WhichOfDoubt

level measure - raze the bar - by WhitchOfDoubt

Mediterranean fair - Sea the light - by WhichOfDoubt

slow freeze - brake the ice - by WhichOfDoubt

forward women - fore the birds - by WhichOfDoubt

fruit slice - berry the hatchet - by Thalia

Asian bow - Thai the knot - by WhichOfDoubt

punch clock - awl the time - by WhichOfDoubt

total mass - worth the weight or all the weigh - by WhichOfDoubt

beyond weary - across the bored - by plasmid

purchase order or later still - bye the peace - by DudleyDude

utter crap - whinny the poo - by DudleyDude

and thanks to all who maid the game.

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