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hey hey WOD - feel the need to apologize and offer a tidbit of advice - consider holding off posting that post-Xmas-party-word-puzzle until morning. anyway, this one's similar to the one linked to in the OP and the two others linked to in that OP's OP. my head hurts. three word answers to evey line of the puzzle with the common word in between. there is a little twist to this one tho which is also hinted at in the title and affects those now italicized words of the clues.

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While it isn't correct, I wanna point out 'Jew's Time' for punch clock. =P

you just had to sqeeze that in, dintcha

Buy the rule?

Berry the hatchet?

Think I'm really pushing the second one but might as well give it a shot.

hey Tha - no, it was me who was pushing that second one and you saved the dei. well done. no hard feelings? as for your first guess, that's not it (both cluewords are italicized)

Mediterranean fair = sea the light

former jerk = past the buck

punch clock = Awl the time

slow freeze = brake the ice

yes4 :thumbsup:

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More guesses:

total mass = all the weigh

forward women = fore the birds

purchase order = buy the sort? (sword)

Or, hmm, sometimes someone "bawls" out an order...

you almost had me there on that last one *cough* - too funny. the other two are spot on.

former jerk - past the buck - by WhichOfDoubt

level measure -

Mediterranean fair - Sea the light - by WhichOfDoubt

slow freeze - brake the ice - by WhichOfDoubt

forward women - fore the birds - by WhichOfDoubt

fruit slice - berry the hatchet - by Thalia

Asian bow - Thai the knot - by WhichOfDoubt

punch clock - awl the time - by WhichOfDoubt

total mass - worth the weight or all the weigh - by WhichOfDoubt

beyond weary -

purchase order -

utter crap -

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[spoiler=my interesting take :P and profanity warning ]beyond weary - past bedtime

purchase order - Bye-bye

utter crap - Bull s*** (utter --> udder?)

hello jippiidan - do like your take on the last one but these are not what I have in mind

Buy the Law?

hey there Sean Dumler and welcome to the Den - this one is so very close but alas, not it.

Whinny the Poo?

right on DD. :thumbsup:

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