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Anyone with enough knowledge of math could read all of the posts in this thread so far, and immediately know the answer. The answer is much simpler than you might think. (So it the process of getting the answer)

How much math are you talking about here? Counting? Addition and subtraction? Differential calculus?

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Solved by plainglazed.

convert the letters to there numerical equivalent - a=1, b=2, c=3, etc. so 1,2,2,4,2,4,2,4,6,2,6,4,2,4,6,6. these numbers represent the difference between the first 17 prime numbers


The letters once converted to their placement values in the alphabet, they represent the prime gaps (difference between two consecutive prime numbers). This series was simply the for first 17 primes (which is also a prime... I am SO clever

:P )

:thanks: for contributing!

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