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I built a killing machine which will kill these three persons : John, Sam,and Bill...

My machine will obay my orders in form of codes,

So ,I want john to be killed on monday,,I`ll give this order:-

NPFIZJ EDIH HKCK....( which means...monday kill john).

HTBOIZQ SDRGF LOR(tuesday shoot sam).

YUEYVI QPIV MDIZ ( lastly hang bill).

who can stop me?

The only order which can stop my machine is to give a code for(Abort operation).


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If my solution above is right, then there are a bunch of mistakes in the earlier codes:

Monday kill John: ORFIAK EDJI ILDL

Tuesday shoot Sam: IUCPIAR TESXG MOS

Lastly hang Bill: YUFZWJ QPIV MDJZ

Rest five days, and You are welcome are correct.

Well done my terminator: YVJU WRGN YK SBWIFCVCVD

So, i'm probably wrong, but maybe this will help others find the right one.

A=1, B=2, C=3, and so on.

(1) If a word is two or more letters long, write it out in numbers: ABC = 123

(2) Multiply each by 2: 246

(3) Take the first number of the original word, and put it last: 231

(4) add the numbers from (2) and (3): 246 + 231 = 477

(5) Change the numbers back to letters (after taking mod26 if necessary, which is what the circle means): DGG

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1-give to each letter a number...a1,b2,c3,d4.....z26.

2-begin from the first letter,add its number to the number of it`s next letter....e.g.(eat.....e is 5,a is 1.....5+1=6) .

3-move from that letter clockwise so many steps as obtained from this addition , so we should move in our above example from e ....6 steps reaching letter k, so insted of e we write k.

4-taking the second letter and adding it`s number to the number of it`s next letter....do the same as in step 3....in our example we should move from a 21 steps...reaching letter v.

5- the number of the last letter will be added to the number of the first letter,then do as in step 3.....in our example we should move from t 25 steps reaching letter s.

So the word( eat) will be written as ( KVS ).

now try to find the code.....

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I got the code


for abort operation.

@wolfgang : Can you check all the initial codes you gave us once again? Because for "Monday kill John" I got

ORFIAK EDJI ILDL according to the technique you told us.

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