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and you don't need those little <>tags around your smileys. ;)

Those <> tags are used in HTML for surrounding commands, you know, like make italics/make bold. :)

eg. the text between <b> and </b> becomes bold in HTML and the text between <i> and </i> is printed in italics.

I think I had done too much HTML that day :dry: , but basically I wanted to say that the text between < :offtopic: > and < / :offtopic: > is off topic. :D

(In case you don't know HTML) ^_^

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:duh: Ah. I understand now. I think a year or two ago, I did a small summer camp where I created a website. And I used HTML to create it. But it was only a week long or something, so I must have forgotten. Thanks for the refresher. :) And it's nice to see you already picking up the nicknames. ;):P
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