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A Martyred Riddle


A simple soul I bear my cross

Bound to Father's hand,

Heaven waiting in the loss,

Death upon the land.

On foreign shore my game is war

On others artistry,

My oldest fame is not a game

But dire deeds, you see.

When my world is feeling torpid

Break my bones and sigh,

When salty skirts go billowing

I may just catch your eye.

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OK, no more gimmies! Good job Molly.

As much as I appreciate this, I was so confused when I saw that I solved a riddle without ever having read it. =P

I did that to t_l a few weeks ago, too. Good job, t_l, because I was pretty clueless on this one.

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Hi Storygirl. I usually tie my riddles to a motif that has nothing to do with the answer. I do it for stylistic's sake. Yes, I made ref. to Jesus intentionally. It was stylistic. It was cheeky and fun. Those who know me would not be led astray from such obviousness. Did you like like it?

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w00t! Shakeepuddn strikes again!

No, I don't know what just happened there. I blame it on the alcohol. [Yes, that was a very bad reference to a bad, old song. Don't judge me! T_T]

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