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I'm not a forgotten philosophy


I'm born of scholars' toil long

Forsaken, no longer germane

My time has come, my time has gone

Anon it is coming again

My words now few will understand

They're twisted obscuring the truth

And so they spread throughout the land

Discernment requiring a sleuth

In downward spiral, chaos calls

Destroying the orderly life

Until the ruler finally falls

Thus bringing and end to this strife

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Nah, I tend to stick with pretty tangible stuff as my riddle topics. Intangible answers just seem to me too "mushy" and unsatisfying. And while handwriting is often involved, it's not itself the answer to the riddle. I'm holding out hope that this one will still be a head-slapper after 5+ pages of posts, but in the meantime here's...

correctly interpreting one of the clues is easier if you're familiar with the schoolyard song that goes "glory glory hallelujah / teacher hit me with a ruler"

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1) Scholar/researchers notebook/musical notes have time come and gone and come again

2) Notes passed in class on twisted bits of paper, notes too brief for others to understand

3) Notes passed in class can result in "teacher hit me with a ruler"

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Neither communism nor superstition, I wouldn't make the real answer be something too close to what I say I'm not in the title. There are also a few clues that would not be obviously fit by a gun.

Shakee's guesses were definitely down the right path, and the closest so far was the one about passing notes in class, but there's just a little bit more needed to nail it.

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A scroll... passing notes... both are so close and yet not quite it. A scroll would fit everything except perhaps leaving the last two lines without a clear explanation. And while passing notes is occasionally an aspect of the answer, passed notes are generally on something that's still germane, while what I have in mind is usually not by the time its time has come again.

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