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i got this idea just now.... off the top of my head but i felt like writing it so herrree we are..but then again it's 2:30 am and i might not be thinking straight.... ohhh welll

from humble beginnings i arose

from a simple thought that was composed

i became a celebrity, fame right of the bat

and to this day rare are those who haven't heard of that

through all these years i am still quite plain

maybe some splash of color but i'm rather the same

i tumble and fall and am quite clumsy

i really can't help it yet people still like me

for they may not see me all the time

yet somehow when they do, most can't help but to crack a smile

again 2:30 am sry if it's easy:p and don't think hard on the title i'm simply referring to the last line XD

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ahahahahahahahaha i love your answers but sadly no...i'm ganna see if it will ride a bit longer then i'll give out a hint... here is a tip right now.. really think outside the box it's smth u all prob know but have forgotten, kinda silly actually :P oh and it's not abstract.. it's an object... that narrows it down i know:P:P

and i miss that show ^o^!!

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ahahahah nice try but that's not what i meant when i said i liked the way he was thinking... okay i'm ganna give u a hint using your answers... humpty dumpty baseball america's funniest home videos all make me think of something.. what?.. think back guys .. maybe the older members might get this even more cause it was very popular during their times :) but i'm sure most(if not all) have seen it before.......

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